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Last Updated on August 25, 2022 by Marcella Stephens

The Deep Freeze solution makes workstation configurations incredibly hard to break. It provides 100% recovery after a restart, preventing system misconfiguration and unauthorized changes from happening. It also helps maintain Software compliance by avoiding the drift of configuration.

Faronics Deep Freeze is a reboot utility that can restore the software application available for Windows and macOS. It can use to protect the configuration files and core operating system on a server or workstation. Each computer is started, it automatically reverts to the saved configuration.


This Application can help protect a computer from harmful software by automatically deleting files it sees when it’s started.
After installing that, it will automatically reboot the computer. It will then display a message saying that it’s frozen and create a bear icon in the system tray to indicate that the computer is. To access the application, you’ll have to enter a password. The only thing different from the previous one is that the bear icon now has a shape.
The Deep Freeze Download solution makes your Windows incredibly hard to break. It protects the settings and configuration of a workstation by freezing a snapshot of its entire environment. After a reboot, any unwanted changes are removed, and the computer is restored to its Frozen state.

Features Of Deep Freeze Download

Allows IT administrators, to keep their computers running smoothly

Deep Freeze is a powerful tool that combines the power of ARD with the management capabilities of a traditional PC security solution. It allows IT administrators, to keep their computers running smoothly.

It can still use to retain essential data

The program will automatically restore your computer’s configuration once a reboot has occurred. It creates a new virtual partition to store all of your essential data. Even if the computer has no physical separation, this partition can still use to retain important data.

It protects against harmful changes to the Master Boot Record

Deep Freeze Download also protects against damaging changes to the Master Boot Record. This tool can use to prevent unauthorized changes from happening.

It can be helpful in cases where you don’t want to make any permanent changes

It is a powerful tool that can protect your computer from unauthorized changes to its operating system. It can be helpful in cases where you don’t want to make any permanent changes to the system. After activation, the program will automatically restore the previously set settings.

That completely removes the old data from the computer

Deep Freeze Download utilizes a patented technology known as a reboot-to-restore. It automatically moves all of the data from the hard drive to an allocated table and completely removes the old data from the computer.

Frequently Asked Question

What is Deep Freeze r?

That product provides a cooling effect to the area, which helps decrease the swelling and blood flow. It can also be used as a spray or cream.

Is Deep Freeze good for PC?

Deep Freeze can protect a computer from harmful threats by automatically deleting files that it has been infected with. The advantage of this program is that it uses minimal system resources and does not significantly slow down a computer’s performance.

Is Deep Freeze real?

Since the start of Operation Deep Freeze, the term has been used to refer to the US military’s activities in Antarctica. These include the regular resupply missions carried out to support the US bases in the region.

Does Windows 10 support Deep Freeze?

Deep Freeze Download  Enterprise is supported by Windows 7 and 8.1, as well as Windows Server 2008. R2 and 2012 R2. Free space is required to leave the hard drive.

How often can I use Deep Freeze?

Adults, including the elderly and children over five years, should apply it to the affected area massaged gently until completely absorbed into the skin 3-4 times daily. It is not recommended for use by children under five years.

Is Deep Freeze safe?

All of your data is safe with Deep Freeze, as it can be kept frozen on an external hard drive or a “Thawed” partition. Unlike competing solutions, its patented protection mechanism does not affect system performance.

Is Deep Freeze free?

Data Igloo is a free utility that enables users to quickly and efficiently retain their data on machines with Deep Freeze protection.

What is the default password of Deep Freeze?

To remove a password from Deep Freeze, hold the Shift key and hit the icon. If you can’t open the setting windows, enter the password 1234.

How to Deep Freeze Download 

  1. Click the Download button at the top of the Page.
  2. Wait for 10 Seconds And Click the “Download Now” button. Now you should be redirected to MEGA.
  3. Now let the Start to Download and Wait for it to finish.
  4. Once Deep Freeze is done downloading, you can start the installation.
  5. Double click the setup files and follow the installation instruction

How to Install Deep Freeze

Follow guidelines step by step to install Deep Freeze on your Windows PC,

  1. First, you need to Download Deep Freeze Software for your Windows Computer.
  2. Once you Download the Deep Freeze Application, Double click the setup files and start the installation process.
  3. Now follow the All Installation Instruction.
  4. Once the installation is completed, restart your computer. (It is Better)
  5. Now open the Deep Freeze Application from the home screen.

How To Uninstall Deep Freeze

Suppose you need to uninstall Deep Freeze; that is the best guide. You need to follow those steps to Remove all Deep Freeze files safely.

  1. Go to the Control Panel on Your Windows PC.
  2. Open the Programs and Features
  3. Find the Deep Freeze, Right-click the Select icon, and press “Uninstall.” Confirm the action.
  4. Now you need to Delete the Deep Freeze App Data. Go to the Windows Run Application. (Shortcut – Windows Key + R). Now Type in ‘%AppData%’ and press ‘OK.’
  5. Now find the Deep Freeze folder and delete it.


Deep Freeze Download for Windows is developed and updated by Faronics Corporation. All registered trademarks, company names, product names, and logos are the property of their respective owners.

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