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DAMN NFO Viewer Download is a tool that allows users to view and modify NFO files. These documents are usually attached to other files and contain extended instructions and information.

By default, Windows can open files with ASCII art. However, there are tools that allow users to modify the way these files are opened. One of these is called DAMN NFO Viewer. This app helps users open NFO, TXT, and DIZ files.

This is a tool that will allow you to easily view NFO and DIZ files. It has a clean interface and is very easy to use. It also supports word wrapping.


Although Windows can open files with ASCII art, it often has a hard time opening documents that contain NFO or DIZ content. This is why many people rely on the free tools provided by NFO Viewer.

The name of the app makes it sound like a utility that’s specifically designed to view NFO and DIZ files on Windows. Its simple and efficient design makes it a good choice for people who usually use Windows.

Features of DAMN NFO Viewer Download

Very easy to install

This application is very easy to install, and it comes with a few predefined settings that will make the most of your time.

Various visual settings

You can customize the appearance of NFO Viewer by setting various visual settings. It also supports various features such as shell integration and smart line breaking.

Copy-on-click feature

NFO Viewer also comes with a number of features, such as shell integration, which automatically opens NFO files. It also comes with a copy-on-click feature, which lets you copy any selected text to the clipboard.

Various formats

If you frequently use NFO files, it is possible to have it as your default viewer. It lets you open and view files in various formats, such as NFO, DIZ, and TXT.

Support different formats

One of the most important things that you need to consider when using an application like this is its ability to support different formats. With NFO Viewer, you can easily view and modify the various NFO, DIZ, and TXT files.

DAMN NFO Viewer Alternative For Windows

  • NFOPad 
  • CopyQ
  • PDFescape 
  • Apache OpenOffice 
  • MiKTeX 
  • nvPY 

Frequently Asked Question

What is Damn NFO Viewer?

NFO Viewer is a utility that allows users to view and modify NFO files. These files are usually text-based documents that contain extended instructions or information.

What is NFO download?

NFO files are usually accompanied by a text file that describes the details of a digital media download. They also allow for the presentation of complex ASCII artwork.

How do I open a .NFO file on a Mac?

NFO files are not supported by the System Information viewer.

How do I open a NFO file in Windows 7?

To get started, open the nfo file, and then select all the programs that are installed on your PC. By clicking on each program, you will be taken to a list of programs that are installed on your system.

How do I add NFO files to XBMC?

In xbm, go to the settings, videos, library, or export video library. Select yes or no, and it will create a .fo for each video file.

How do I download from NFO?

Open the NFO file and then select notepad. If you do not see the program under the Other Programs menu, then select the “Browse” option.

What is a NFO file used for?

NFO files are used to deliver media release information about a media, such as the title, author, and license information. These details are commonly found through digital media platforms.


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