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Last Updated on March 25, 2022 by Marcella Stephens

DeskPins Download can make any application topmost in the system. Just grab the icon in the notification area and click any window.

Having multiple open windows on your desktop can be confusing, but DeskPins is here to help users get the most out of their desktop. It will allow you to keep all of your important windows on top of each other.


Working with Windows systems can be very messy. When you open multiple windows at the same time, it can feel like there is a huge amount of information to handle.

With DeskPins, anyone can make their application the topmost window. It will keep all of your important windows on top of each other.

DeskPins is a simple app that lets you organize and monitor all of your tasks and applications on your desktop.

Features of DeskPins Download

DeskPins helps put your most important applications above all the other windows on your desktop. Doing so saves you time and helps prevent unnecessary digging through the various tabs you’re using.

Deskins is a utility that lets you keep all your programs topmost. Just select any application and it will keep it above all the other windows.

Due to the complexity of running multiple windows on the same desktop, there are many apps that make it easier to manage. One of these is Menu Tools, which is a great alternative to DeskPins.

DeskPins Download is a utility that makes any application the topmost on your desktop. It saves quite a bit of system resources and allows the user to keep all their apps on top without having to switch between them.

With Deskpins, you can easily place pins into the system tray to enable quick access to your favorite apps and tools. It’s also beneficial if you have multiple windows open at the same time.

DeskPins Alternative For Windows

  • ObjectDock
  • WSUS Offline Update 12.0
  • Quick Access Popup
  • Auto Dark Mode 3.0.1
  • OnTopReplica
  • Universal USB Installer

Frequently Asked Question

What is DeskPins icon?

Deskpins are utility features that allow you to make any application topmost, so it stays above all other windows. Just type a pin in the notification area and it will pop up.

What is a desk pin?

Deskpins is a tool that gives you the ability to have multiple windows in a continuous view on the desktop. It works by clicking on one or more tabs.


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