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FreeFileSync Download is free software that helps you sync and store all your files and folders in one place. It syncs and synchronizes files and folders across various platforms. It saves you time and helps keep your files and folders synchronized.


It is optimized to work seamlessly without any restrictions or overloaded UI. It lets you easily compare multiple files and folders without limitations.

It lets you sync two separate folders and make sure that the same content is always stored in one of them as a backup.

If you regularly backup and transfer files from a portable device to a hard drive, FreeFileSync is a great tool to use.

While FreeFileSync doesn’t win any beauty contests, its interface is super functional. Just drag and drop folders to start the process. You can also synchronize and compare files by using various ways.

FreeFileSync download is a utility that enables users to sync and store their files and folders while performing backup tasks. It is also designed to provide high-quality work.

Features of FreeFileSync Download

No artificial limitations

FreeFileSync has no artificial limitations when it comes to how many files you can sync. Its biggest limitation is the amount of free memory you have.


FreeFileSync is an easy-to-use UI that serves as a central repository for all your data. It features a clean and simple UI that’s focused on speed and massive sets of data.

Save and modify files

You can also display statistical data on the number of files and the size of the total files. It also allows you to save and modify files.

Very useful for backing up data

If you have a removable drive, FreeFileSync will be very useful for backing up data. It allows you to have two separate folders synchronized.

Safeguard your files

This app is very easy to use and does its job well. It asks for the exact right number of questions before everything happens, so it can safeguard your files.

Two ways to sync files

There are two ways to sync files: manually and automatically. Both methods can be used to create a mirror backup and prevent the loss of information.

Manage their files and folders

This software is designed to help users manage their files and folders. It can also be used to sync and modify files without affecting the integrity of the data.

Frequently Asked Question

Is FreeFileSync really free?

Before version 10, FreeFileSync only showed an ad during installation. After it was fully funded, the project started accepting donations from users

Is FreeFileSync malware?

Before it was bundled with Norton, it was packaged with OpenCandy, which is an adware module that many security firms classify as malware.

Is FreeFileSync open source?

FreeFileSync is a powerful tool that syncs and compares all your important files.

How good is FreeFileSync?

FreeFileSync is a great tool that lets you sync multiple files simultaneously. It does so in a nice graphical user interface

Does Freefilesync work with OneDrive?

FFS does not support a direct connection to OneDrive. There is a workaround that will allow you to use this network drive as a standalone storage device.


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