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KNIME Download For Windows is an intuitive software that bridges the worlds of data dashboards and advanced analytics. It enables data scientists to work seamlessly with various data types and develop new techniques such as Machine Learning.

Konstanz Information Miner, also known as KNIME, is a free and open-source data mining and analysis platform. It features a modular data pipelining framework, which allows users to build and integrate various components of data mining.

At KNIME, we build software that simplifies the creation and production of data science. It enables every stakeholder to focus on what they do best.


With the KNIME Analytics Platform, we help organizations drive innovation by delivering an end-to-end solution that enables people to easily and quickly discover new insights.

Features of KNIME

Easily build and deploy data science infrastructures.

Report creation and publishing can be done in batches or on-demand from the KNIME WebPortal. With integrated deployment, you can easily build and deploy data science infrastructures that are optimized for production. DWI tools can easily capture and manage pre-and post-production steps, and provide models and analysis for re-use.

The work of developers 

The Remote Workflow Editor simplifies the work of developers by allowing them to easily create and manage workflows on KNIME Server.

Users can create data flows and pipelines

With KNIME, users can create data flows and pipelines, inspect the results of the analysis steps, and select interactive models and views. It is built on Java and is based on Eclipse.

Can help researchers 

Understanding the changes in the expression of certain proteins can help researchers develop effective treatments for diseases like cancer.

Commercial offering

KNIME Server is a commercial offering that helps organizations collaborate, manage, and deploy data science. Its headquarters are in Zurich, with offices in Austin and Konstanz.

Easily solve their most challenging data puzzles

With over 1000 modules, the KNIME Analytics Platform is a comprehensive framework that enables data scientists to easily solve their most challenging data puzzles.

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Frequently Asked Question

What is KNIME used for?

KNIME is an open-source software platform that enables people to create and manage data science projects. It features a variety of tools and frameworks that allow users to easily create and manage data science workflows.

Is KNIME any good?

This tool is very useful for data scientists and machine learning enthusiasts. It can help them explore various algorithms and processes related to data science.

What is KNIME Quora?

The platform features over 1000 predefined data mining tools. It is one of the top 10 data mining tools.

Is KNIME an RPA tool?

It has become an integral part of the robotic process automation (RPA) industry. Through its automation features, KNIME has helped companies streamline their processes and freed up time for other areas of the business.

What is a workflow in KNIME?

Each task is represented by a colored box, and nodes can perform various tasks, such as reading/writing files and creating visualizations.

Is KNIME written in Java?

KNIME is built on Java and the Eclipse multi-language development environment. This allows commercial software developers to create their own wrappers.


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