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Nokia Suite Download is a utility that lets you transfer content between your Nokia phone and Windows PC. It works seamlessly by creating a secure connection between the two.

This is more than just a simple file transfer solution. It also adds a variety of useful functions that will improve your mobile experience. Some of these include calendars, contacts, and music downloads.

It can also sync contacts, calendar, photos, and videos between a PC and a Nokia device. It can also download country maps and restore the contents of devices.


Nokia Suite makes it easy to copy and store photos and music from one device to another.

To transfer music or photos between two devices, simply drag and drop the file to the desired location.

This is a utility that helps you organize and share content between a Nokia device and a PC. It includes various features such as back up and storage, and it can also download and install software updates for your phone.

Features of Nokia Suite Download

  • The App Store is a place to store and get the latest apps and software for your phone. It lets you organize and transfer photos and videos, as well as get maps and music.
  • Nokia Ovi is a very simple to set up application, and it features a step-by-step wizard that will guide you through the process. Some of the features that come with it are the backup and restore tools, as well as a few other cool features.
  • The Nokia suite is a great way to manage all of your mobile activities from anywhere. It’s very easy to use and sync all of your settings.
  • Nokia can backup and restore the contents of a single file with .nbu extension. The only way to get access to this is by restoring it to the phone using Nokia Suite.
  • The Nokia suite lets you sync all of your content between your PC and Nokia device. It also allows you to transfer photos and videos between them.
  • Despite the company’s shift to other pursuits, many Nokia users still need a way to manage their devices.

Nokia Suite Alternative For Windows

  • RecBoot 
  • Debloater
  • Samsung Smart Switch 
  • Nox Player 
  • AirDroid 
  • Tongbu Assistant 

Frequently Asked Question

Does Nokia PC Suite work with Windows 10?

If you’re trying to sync data to Nokia, try connecting the phone to the Windows 10 PC through the Bluetooth connection.

How can I update my Nokia PC?

Follow the instructions below to install the Nokia Software Updater on your PC. To update the phone software, go to the Nokia PC Suite’s main window and then click the Update phone icon.

How can I download Nokia USB driver?

If the Nokia phone is not working properly, then download and install the latest drivers available for it. Just connect the device to your PC and start the installation.

What does PC Suite mean?

PC Suite is a free software that lets you connect your Nokia phone to your PC.

Why did Nokia fail?

According to a book published by Michael Lewis, the decline of Nokia was caused by a variety of factors, including the company’s inability to compete effectively against other manufacturers.

Is Nokia still alive?

In 2020, HMD, a company that makes mobile phones, secured a 230 million US dollar funding. Aside from Nokia, other investors include Qualcomm and Google.

Does Nokia have 5G?

Nokia’s latest flagship, the Nokia 5G, features a brand new fast 5G network that’s capable of delivering stunning performance.


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