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OffCAT Download is a tool that can help you troubleshoot various issues in Microsoft Office programs.

The OffCAT scanning feature of the SaRA tool is also available for Outlook. It allows users to identify and fix various issues related to the email client.

The interface of OffCAT is simple to use, and it can be used by anyone. It features a variety of options that can be accessed by users, regardless of their expertise.

OffCAT is a Windows 10 tool that can easily identify and fix common configurations of Microsoft Office. It can also be installed from a trusted website like


The OffCAT report provides detailed information about the installed programs on your system. It also highlights known issues that can be fixed with the help of OffCAT.

Due to the complexity of Office programs, users often require tools that can help them identify and fix the various configurations related to their Microsoft Office suite. OffCat is a web app that provides the necessary information for users.

OffCAT is a free software that scans for critical issues that could affect the performance of your Office programs. It does so by identifying issues that could cause problems.

Features of To OffCATol  Download

  • To start the scanning process, first select the program that you want to perform it in. Then, type in the label that appears next to the program. Once the task is complete, you will be able to see all the details of the scan.
  • This tool is designed to diagnose various issues by analyzing the events log entries, installed updates, and registry settings. It also provides a detailed report that shows all the critical details about the selected program.
  • The Outlook configuration analyzer tool was initially known as OCAT. It provided a quick and easy way to identify common configurations that can cause issues in Outlook.
  • OffCAT is compatible with most major Windows platforms. Its clean and fast operation makes it very easy to use, and it eliminates the need to monitor and examine every minute.
  • The OffCAT program provides a detailed report about the installed Microsoft Office programs. It also highlights known issues and provides a list of the most critical settings.
  • OffCAT is simple to operate. Even if you’re a complete novice with no prior IT expertise, you’ll be able to use the majority of the capabilities in this application.

OffCAT Alternative For Windows

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  • yEd 
  • Trelby
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 
  • Kindle for PC

Frequently Asked Question

What is OffCAT in Excel?

The OffCAT tool from Microsoft provides a detailed report of your Office programs’ configuration. It lets users identify known problems and also resolves them.

What is Microsoft OffCAT?

OffCAT is a free tool that scans Microsoft Office for issues and fixes them. It can also identify system problems that could affect your productivity suite.

How do I use OffCAT tool?

The Office Configuration Analyzer Tool has been released (OffCAT)

1. Examine the settings of an Office software.
2. On your computer, open a previously run OffCAT (or OCAT) scan.
3. Import a scan from another machine via OffCAT (or OCAT).
4. View the scan findings in a variety of reporting formats.
5. Send your comments to the OffCAT team.


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