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SteamShutdown Download is a utility that will help you get rid of your computer and get back to sleep. It will automatically shut down when your internet connection is not working.

Unfortunately, Steam can’t stop working even after a successful download. However, there are utilities that can help you get rid of it.


It  is a utility that will turn off your PC when it finishes downloading. It is very easy to install, just follow the steps below to get started.

Features SteamShutdown Download


Before installing the utility, make sure that Steam is already running. It will also automatically shut down once it launches the downloaded file.

Lightweight and easy to use

Getting games to download can be a bit challenging due to the slow connection. With SteamShutdown Download, it eliminates this issue and saves you time.

Configured easily

If you prefer to leave your PC running while you download, then SteamShutdown is a utility that will do the job for you. It will automatically shut off once it gets done.

Trigger an action

Right-click the application that you want to download and select the action that should be initiated once it has finished.

Downloading a steam game at night

Tell it to turn off all the way. This utility will allow you to turn off your PC while it’s still running and then wake it up when it’s time to download a new game. It will also automatically shut off once it finishes downloading.

SteamShutdown Alternative For Windows

  • Launcher
  • Famulus
  • Ultimate Settings Panel
  • BlackTop
  • DShutdown
  • WinSleep

Frequently Asked Question

Does Steam download in sleep mode?

To prevent your computer from automatically shutting down, make sure that the settings are set to prevent it from doing so.

Why does my Steam prevent shutdown?

Also, make sure that the Steam program is already closed properly when it’s trying to shut off. Doing so can prevent it from causing issues.


SteamShutdown Download for Windows is developed and updated by Andreas Korb. All registered trademarks, company names, product names, and logos are the property of their respective owners.

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