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The Bat! Home Edition Download is a basic e-mail client that provides what most people want from such software. It also includes anti-spam and encryption procedures.

The Bat! encrypts all your information on your hard drive and emails during communication. It can also be used to protect your messages from being stolen.

An award-winning email client that has a cool user interface. It is fully featured and can protect you from viruses and spam.


This app can handle multiple tasks at once, and it features a variety of predefined message templates. It’s also designed to prevent accidental deletions.

Bat! Home Edition is a utility that lets users add multiple email accounts to a single place.

Features of The Bat! Home Edition Download

  • The Bat! uses the native MAPI protocol to connect to Microsoft Exchange Servers. Just install the appropriate components from Microsoft’s online store and get started!
  • The Bat! email program can handle large numbers of messages and is capable of storing them in its own database. It does not restrict the number of accounts that can be accessed using the various email protocols.
  • The Bat! Home Edition Download is an excellent mail client that features a variety of tools, such as a message finder, a QR generator, and a text editor.
  • The Bat!’s UI is very user-friendly, allowing anyone to easily send and receive messages. It features a variety of features such as a folder structure, a list of all messages, and a dedicated message recipient.
  • The Office Sorting feature is a powerful filtering system that lets you sort and reply to incoming emails. It also sends and receives messages with a custom template, auto-responds, sends reading confirmations, and more.

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  • Thunderbird 
  • Windows Live Mail 
  • Postbox


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