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SARDU Download is a desktop multiboot creator that works seamlessly with various hardware platforms, including Windows XP, Linux, and macOS. It can create a multiboot USB drive and install various software on a single PC. It also supports various features such as virus removal, configuration, and backup.

The exact same software file as for all the licenses, except the free ones, but depending on which license you own, you will get different features. For example, if you own the free version, you will get the same features as the registered ones, but with different licensing terms. Also, if you own the pro version, you will get the same features as the paid ones, but with different licensing terms.


The creator of SARDU Download multiboot allows users to create a USB stick that can run smoothly even without installing any software on their PC.

The SARDU Download multiboot creator is a utility that enables users to create bootable storage media, such as CDs, DVDs, and USB flash drives. It works seamlessly with a wide range of hardware, including Windows and Linux.

With SARDU Download you can create a bootable USB drive or backup disks with various formats. You can also choose from CD or USB creation. Aside from creating a backup drive, it can also be used to store important information such as photos and videos.

Features of SARDU Download

Supported by their native versions

Only SARDU Multiboot Creator PRO can manage the non-native versions of most popular Linux distributions, including those not supported by their native versions.

Distributions that respect their standard

The only way to get the most out of the distributions is to install and manage their own ISO Extra. This is the only way to get the most out of the distributions that respect their standard.

Install custom drivers and patches

The media that’s built with SARDU can run on any PC or Mac OS X device. Advanced users can also customize the menus and install custom drivers and patches.

Instructions to do the rest

SARDU is a utility that can be used to create bootable disks for various operating systems. Just download the ISO image and follow the instructions to do the rest.

Necessary tools to diagnose and repair their PC

One of the most useful features of this application is to help users create backup and recovery drives for their PC. It will allow them to create a bootable drive that will allow themto restore or reboot their computer in a matter of minutes. It’s also capable of providing them with all the necessary tools to diagnose and repair their PC.

SARDU Alternative For Windows

  • Display Driver Uninstaller 
  • MiniTool Power Data Recovery 
  • ATTO Disk Benchmark 
  • Norton Remove and Reinstall 
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Uninstaller 
  • Cinebench 

Frequently Asked Question

Is SARDU free?

SARDU Download multiboot maker is a free freeware that works on both Windows and Linux (personal and non-commercial use, read the license).

How do I add an ISO file to sardu?

After the file has been downloaded or selected, a blue icon appears in the second column of the software to indicate that the file has been added.

How do I run sardu?

The software can be launched by clicking on the executable file. To register, you need to have an internet connection and download individual ISO images.

Can you put multiple OS on a flash drive?

MultiBootUSB is a simple and widely used program that lets you create a bootable USB flash drive. It works seamlessly from a USB drive.

What is the difference between Wimboot vs Bootmgr?

The following command will create a directory where the extracted Windows installer files are stored.


SARDU Download for Windows is developed and updated by Davide Costa. All registered trademarks, company names, product names, and logos are the property of their respective owners.


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