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How to install UAC Pass?

1. Download the file.

2. Open the application and click on "Install ".

3. Follow the steps that appear on the screen.

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UAC Pass Download is a utility that lets you modify the permissions of Windows programs. It is also available as a free download under Windows.

It is a utility that lets you select the permissions for specific apps without completely deactivating the system. It is also a time saver that can be used to avoid having to restart your system.

This utility is designed to allow users to modify the permissions of specific applications. It comes with a variety of advanced features that are sure to please both novice and power users.


With the help of UAC Access, you can control the administrative rights of your computer in only a few taps. You can grant or exclude specific users with certain privileges.

So, what is the difference between an alternative app and UAC Pass Download? This page provides the latest versions of these apps for Windows 10.

Features of UAC Pass

  • By dragging and dropping your file, shortcut, or application onto it in a Windows protected with UAC, it produces shortcuts that run elevated without the need for a UAC prompt.
  • To use Uacpass, double-click the program or shortcut that you want to use and then accept the security exception. It will then prompt you to select a location for the new shortcut. There are also various advanced options that can be accessed by clicking on the executable file.
  • UAC Pass Download allows you to provide or take back administrative permissions on a certain application once and for all, while keeping User Account Control activated but not prompting you.
  • Because installation is not required, the executable file can be placed anywhere on the hard drive.UAC Pass Download can also be saved to a USB flash drive or another storage device so that it can be used on any machine.
  • After creating a new shortcut, move a program or a certain shortcut to uacpassexe. Once done, save the saved position in the current shortcut to establish a saving path for the new task or monitor.

UAC Pass Alternative For Windows

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