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Vysor Download Android Control is a free app that lets you mirror Android devices on Windows PC. It does so by taking up fewer system resources and doesn’t require much processing power.

Vysor lets you control and view your iOS or Android phone on Windows PC. It does so through an interface that works seamlessly across all operating systems.

With Vysor Download, you can control Android from anywhere on your desktop. It lets you run apps and games, and it also mirrors Android’s desktop.


Vysor is a Windows app that lets you mirror the screen of your Android phone to a desktop or laptop. It also allows you to run Android apps from within the application.

Vysor Download is a remote desktop software that lets you control and view your Android device from your desktop. It works seamlessly with both Windows and Android emulators.

Features of Vysor Download

  • This app lets you control and play games on your phone. It also allows you to reply to messages and perform other basic activities.
  • The App Store is a Windows-based application that lets users control their Android smartphones from their desktop.
  • Vysor is a desktop application that has plenty of features similar to AirDroid and scrcpy. Its UI is similar to that of other desktop apps, and it eliminates the need for navigation.
  • Vysor is a Chrome app that lets you connect to your phone and control it remotely. It does so by displaying the phone’s screen to allow you to perform various tasks.

Vysor Alternative For Windows

  • Android Studio
  • Pinger Desktop 
  • 3uTools 
  • iPadian 
  • LG Flash Tool 
  • Root Genius

Frequently Asked Question

What is Vysor used for?

Vysor is a Chrome extension that lets users beam Android devices’ activities to a computer without using a data connection. This feature works seamlessly by plugging the device into a USB cable.

How do I share a Vysor link?

After clicking the Share button, the app will send a link to another computer, which then launches Vysor. The phone will appear on the other computer with full control.

How do you use Vysor on Chromebook?

To install Vysor on Android, go to the Chrome app interface and tap the View button. Once the app is installed, it will automatically mirror Android to the Chromebook.

How do I install Vysor on my iPhone?

After opening an email invitation, tap the public link to install the app. Follow the instructions to install the app.

Can Vysor be used for iPhone?

The Vysor extension allows you to operate your iOS device from a Windows PC. It does so by allowing you to sync all your settings and apps to a computer.


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