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Dead Pixel Buddy Download is a great tool to diagnose if you have dead pixels on a monitor. It saves you a lot of time and money by not having to go to a shop to get it fixed.

This app is best described as an ingenious way to identify the simple fault in a display.

When you buy a new LCD monitor, you probably assume that it will perform flawlessly. However, if it’s still working fine, you can use Dead Pixel Buddy.


The app is commonly referred to as an innovative solution to a problem. It does so by finding out which pixel is defective in a display.

The app simply turns the monitor’s entire screen white to identify the dead pixel. It does so by choosing from a variety of colors, such as red, black, and green.

The app sends out a warning if the monitor’s responding properly. It also gives you a customized color that tells you if the pixel is responding properly.

Features of Dead Pixel Buddy Download

Before buying a new monitor, make sure to check it out first to see how it will perform. There are some things that will ruin the experience.

The app fills the screen with the color that’s selected by you so that any dead or stuck pixel will be visible. It does not matter if it’s a custom color or not, just try with various colors.

The LCD screen has 4 million pixels. These are in three colors namely, red, blue, and green. When the light gets through, the colored valves, which are controlled by the monitor, give the screen a distinctive color.

Dead Pixel Buddy Download is a program that will tell you if the monitor has dead pixels. It does so by turning the whole screen to one color.

It lets you select the colors that will appear on the monitor. Once it has been selected, it displays the full screen in a different color.

Repeat the process with the other colors that the app has to offer to ensure that the diagnosis is complete.

Dead Pixel Buddy Alternative For Windows

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Frequently Asked Question

Can you fix a dead pixel?

The Dead Pixels Test and Fix is a simple and quick way to find and fix dead or stuck pixels. It works seamlessly across various platforms such as macOS.

How do I find dead pixels?

A dead pixel test is a method to identify the stuck pixel on your monitor. To do this, clean the screen with a soft cloth and then open the site using your browser.

Should I buy a monitor with dead pixels?

A dead pixel is nothing to worry about, just make sure to avoid getting it started. It can be annoying though, as it can spread and damage the monitor.

Will dead pixels come back?

Sometimes, you can revive dead pixels. A stuck pixel will still appear on the screen as a bright, persistent dot.


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