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Last Updated on March 3, 2023 by Marcella Stephens

Driver Booster Pro is a powerful tool that automatically updates and installs the latest drivers for your PC. It’s designed to help you keep your device up-to-date and perform better. Its built-in time-saving features allow you to download and install new drivers immediately. Besides being able to update the drivers, this app also provides you with various game components that will help improve the gaming experience.

Only those drivers that have passed the latest version of the Windows 10 Driver Quality Lab (WHQL) are supported. The app adds a layer of protection to ensure your computer is secure by using an HTTPS connection. It also creates a restore point for your device if something goes wrong while installing the driver.


Driver Booster Pro Download will back up your previous drivers and provide a secure and reliable database for updating your current drivers. It will also allow you to install and update network drivers while offline.

Driver Booster will identify and update your device’s outdated or broken drivers. It can also help you find and download the latest drivers for your various devices from over a thousand different brands. Its database is supported by over 6 million devices and drivers who have passed the Microsoft WHQL and Intel IObit tests.

It is a powerful tool that can help remove all traces of the display driver files from your Windows 10 PC. It can also uninstall the drivers for all major graphics card brands, including those from Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA. If you’re planning on upgrading to a newer GPU from either NVIDIA or AMD, this driver removal tool is a must-have.

Driver Booster Pro Download is a free download for Windows computers and laptops. It is a part of the updater category of software. It can use to update the drivers for different operating systems.

Features Of Driver Booster Pro Download

It’s effortless to use

This application will help protect your computer from various threats, such as hardware failures, system crashes, and conflicts. It’s effortless to use and operates, making it an excellent solution for keeping your computer running smoothly.

Game Boost 

Driver Booster Pro Download is designed for gamers looking to improve their device’s performance. Its various features, such as Game Boost and System Optimize, help ensure their devices function at their peak.

Safety Program

One of the main concerns is the safety of the program. Although it’s secure, it has a reputation for being able to install malware. Before using this software, ensure that unwanted programs do not infect you.

It helps users  avoid getting stuck with a  issues

The app’s automatic update feature is also helpful, as it will automatically detect and update the drivers for your device. This feature will help users avoid getting stuck with a lot of issues. Another essential feature of the app is its game component update, which aims to improve the device’s overall performance.

Large database

Driver Booster Pro Download has an extensive database that allows it to update almost all the drivers for your device. These updates are necessary to ensure that your computer’s hardware and components are working correctly.

How to Driver Booster Pro Download 

  1. Click the Download button at the top of the Page.
  2. Wait for 10 Seconds And Click the “Download Now” button. Now you should be redirected to MEGA.
  3. Now let the Start to Download and Wait for it to finish.
  4. Once Driver Booster Pro is done downloading, you can start the installation.
  5. Double click the setup files and follow the installation instruction

How to Install Driver Booster Pro

Follow guidelines step by step to Install Driver Booster Pro on your Windows PC,

  1. First, you need to Download Driver Booster Pro Software for your Windows Computer.
  2. Once you Download the Driver Booster Pro Application, Double click the setup files and start the installation process.
  3. Now follow the All Installation Instruction.
  4. Once the installation is completed, restart your computer. (It is Better)
  5. Now open the Driver Booster Pro Application from the home screen.

How To Uninstall Driver Booster Pro

Suppose you need to uninstall Driver Booster Pro, that is the best guide for you. You must follow those steps to Remove all Driver Booster Pro files safely.

  1. Go to the Control Panel on Your Windows PC.
  2. Open the Programs and Features
  3. Find the Driver Booster Pro, Right-click the Select icon, and press “Uninstall.” Confirm the action.
  4. Now you need to Delete the Driver Booster Pro App Data. Go to the Windows Run Application. (Shortcut – Windows Key + R). Now Type in ‘%AppData%’ and press ‘OK.’
  5. Now find the Driver Booster Pro folder and delete it.

Frequently Asked Question Of Driver Booster Pro

What does Driver Booster Pro do?

Driver Booster PRO is the best driver updater for Windows. It has a massive database of drivers, which helps minimize system crashes and improve system performance.

Do you need a driver booster pro?

One of the essential factors you want to consider when resolving issues related to your computer’s drivers is getting them fixed as quickly as possible. Driver Booster Pro Download can help you do so. It’s a great tool to help you quickly identify and resolve these issues.

Is Driver Booster Pro safe to use?

Driver Booster is a safe and legitimate program that can help you identify and remove outdated drivers from your computer. It can also automatically install the latest drivers and improve your computer’s performance.

Is Driver Booster any good?

Driver Booster is a powerful software that automatically updates your Windows drivers. It scans your device drives and finds the latest versions, then installs them to improve the performance of your computer.

Is Driver Booster free?

Driver Booster is free software that scans for and updates the drivers for your Windows device. It automatically downloads and updates all the drivers for your hardware.


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