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Since the early 2000s, the dominant software tool for developing digital fonts has been the Mac version of FontLab, which was developed by the company known as Fontlab Ltd. This is because the former owner of the app, Altsys, ceased to exist following the acquisition of Macromedia by Adobe Systems in 2005. Following the merger and purchase of the two companies, the rights and code of the former owner of the app, known as Fontographer, were transferred to the latter.

One of the companies that produced the software was SoftUnion Ltd., which Yury Yarmola headed. In 1992, a US-based company, Pyrus North America, was created to distribute and market the updated version of the software known as FontLab 2.0, which was released for Microsoft Windows.


Pyrus then bought the rights to the app and, through Yarmola, restructured the company into a new company known as Fontlab Ltd., Inc. The company, which is still based in Panama, has many tools for developing digital fonts. Although the company is distributed, programming is still carried out by a group of Russian engineers in St. Petersburg.

The company’s first significant product was the Mac version of FontLab Download software, the Mac version of the app known as the FontLab 3. Since then, the company has released several versions of its software for Windows. Although the Windows versions of the app would always come first, the newer understanding known as the FontLab VI has become in sync.

One of the company’s most popular tools is the TypeTool, an entry-level version of its software. It is used by people interested in developing simple and inexpensive typeface types. In the past, the company also released a more sophisticated version of its software known as AsiaFont Studio. Since the latest version of the software, 5.1, was released, the OpenType features have been added to the list of functions in the app. These functions can access through Microsoft’s Volt.

When different types of fonts were being released in other formats, the company started to create a variety of conversion and creation utilities. One of these was the ScanFont tool, originally part of the company’s second software, FontLab 2. However, in the next version, it was split off and became a stand-alone app.

TransType was another product that the company released. FontLab Download allows users to convert their existing TrueType, OpenType, and Type 1 files to different platforms. The company also released a few shorter-lived products, such as the FONmaker and the FogLamp. These tools allow people to convert their native fonts into modern formats.

Features Of FontLab Download

You can easily create and customize any type

A professional type editor and maker tool, known as FontLab Download, is for people who love creating and customizing OpenType fonts. It lets you create, modify, and export various desktop, web, and color and variable OpenType files for multiple writing systems, such as Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, Indic, and emojis. With its powerful features and flexible design, you can easily create and customize any type.

It’s available for a 30-day trial.

With the help of the powerful font editor, FontLab, you can create different fonts from start to finish, including complex projects and simple designs. It’s available for a 30-day trial.

You can  create and manage multiple types of text across 

With the new FontLab Studio, you can now create and manage various types of text across different windows, automatically sync and synchronize your text across other platforms, and add and edit classes in the new Tables panel. You can also create and restore panels when you open a VFC or VFJ.

You can quickly move nodes and handle other objects across

Some nodes define a stem position, while others follow along when you move them. You can soon move nodes and take different things across multiple glyph shapes with a single move. The link between nodes and bodies allows you to change the shape of various text parts easily.

FontLab can create different types of fonts

In addition to creating different types of fonts, you also need to make sure that all of your glyph masters have the same geometric structure and number of contours. With the help of the powerful FontLab Download tool, you can easily match your masters by moving start points, sorting shapes, and correcting path direction.

Frequently Asked Question

What is FontLab?

With the help of the latest version of FontLab 8, you can create beautiful and functional fonts from the start. It’s an integrated tool that enables you to create various styles and designs from scratch.

How do I use FontLab font?

To create a new font, go to the File > New Font section and press the Cmd N key. The window will open and display all the glyphs in your font. Right now, it only shows one glyph.

How do I install FontLab?

To install the app, go to the page and click the download button. On either Windows or Mac, the installer will automatically install the app. A 30-day trial version of the app is included with the download.

How do I import fonts into FontLab in Illustrator?

To import artwork into the FontLab Download app, open a Glyph window or sketchboard and choose File > Import Artwork. You can select the file you want to import from the drop-down menu. There, you can filter the image files by their respective image formats.

How to FontLab Download 

  1. Click the Download button at the top of the Page.
  2. Wait for 10 Seconds And Click the “Download Now” button. Now you should be redirected to MEGA.
  3. Now let the Start to Download and Wait for it to finish.
  4. Once FontLab is done downloading, you can start the installation.
  5. Double click the setup files and follow the installation instruction

How to Install FontLab

Follow guidelines step by step to Install FontLab on your Windows PC,

  1. First, you need to Download FontLab Software for your Windows Computer.
  2. Once you Download the FontLab Application, Double click the setup files and start the installation process.
  3. Now follow the All Installation Instruction.
  4. Once the installation is completed, restart your computer. (It is Better)
  5. Now open the FontLab Application from the home screen.

How To Uninstall FontLab

Suppose you need to uninstall FontLab. That is the best guide for you. You need to follow those steps to Remove all FontLab files safely.

  1. Go to the Control Panel on Your Windows PC.
  2. Open the Programs and Features
  3. Find the FontLab, Right-click the Select icon, and press “Uninstall.” Confirm the action.
  4. Now you need to Delete the FontLab App Data. Go to the Windows Run Application. (Shortcut – Windows Key + R). Now Type in ‘%AppData%’ and press ‘OK.’
  5. Now find the FontLab folder and delete it.


FontLab Download for Windows is developed and updated by Fontlab Ltd, Inc. All registered trademarks, company names, product names, and logos are the property of their respective owners.

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