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iVCam Download is software that allows people to turn their smartphones into webcams. It works seamlessly across various platforms such as Windows and Android.

That is a Windows PC app that turns your phone or tablet into an HD webcam. It’s compatible with all Windows PC applications.

iVCam Download lets you turn your phone or tablet into an HD webcam, which has better quality than most of the existing ones.


If you own an older webcam, then you probably know how hard it is to get good-quality images from it. There’s a solution for everyone here called iVCam.

The iVCam Download app can be installed on any PC and can connect it to the device through a USB cable.

It is a utility that enables you to stream an iPhone or other iOS device’s camera to a PC.

Features of iVCam Download

  • For people who use iVCam, the app must be downloaded and installed in two places: on their devices or their laptops. This method makes it so that they can use the video communication experience without having to install multiple apps.
  • iVCam Download is a mobile device that lets you replace your USB webcam and monitor with a phone or tablet. It works seamlessly with various security cameras and devices.
  • Through your phone, you can take photos and videos through a simple interface. There are buttons in the bottom-hand corner that allow you to control various features.
  • Epoccam is a great app, but it falls short in several key areas. Among its shortcomings is its lack of HD support, and it uses an inferior UI.
  • The app works seamlessly with Windows PC. Just install it on your phone and it will then stream to the PC.

iVCam Alternative For Windows

  • HiSuite 
  • NbuExplorer 
  • LG PC Suite
  • MobiMover 
  • MightyText 
  • PhotoSync Companion

Frequently Asked Question

Is iVCam Download for free?

You can now turn your Android or iOS device into a webcam by installing the iVCam app. You can either connect it to the PC through a USB cable or WiFi connection.

How do I set up iVCam?

Follow the instructions below to install the latest version of the iVcam app on your PC. Once the app is installed, just connect the iVcam device to the PC and start recording.

Does iVCam have a watermark?

You are free to use all of the app’s features except for the iVCam watermark. After a trial period, you will only be able to produce low-quality videos and remove ads.

How do I get my iVCam to work?

If the e2eSoft iVCam device is not found in the Device Manager, then try turning on the camera’s privacy switch to allow apps to access it.

How do I connect iVCam to OBS?

With iVCam, you can easily record and stream your phone’s camera video to the desktop or transfer it to the device.


iVCam Download for Windows is developed and updated by e2eSoft. All registered trademarks, company names, product names, and logos are the property of their respective owners.

Version History

iVCam (Download Now - 32-bit)
iVCam (Download Now - 64-bit)

What's New

What's new in this version:

iVCam 7.0.1 (64-bit) / (32-bit)


  • - High-quality, real-time video with low latency and fast speed
  • - Automatic connection via Wi-Fi or USB and easy to use
  • - Running in background does not affect the use of other apps ()
  • - Connect multiple devices to one PC at the same time
  • - Support common video sizes such as 4K, 2K, 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, etc.
  • - Advanced camera settings – AE/AF, ISO, EC, WB, and Zooming
  • - Configurable for video frame rate, quality, and encoder
  • - Landscape and Portrait mode supported
  • - Support front/rear, wide-angle/telephoto cameras, and real-time switching
  • - Support for face beautify, flash, manual/autofocus, and video flip/mirror.
  • - Background replacement – Blur, Bokeh, Mosaic, Green Screen, and more
  • - Audio supported, use your smartphone as a wireless microphone for PC
  • - Completely replaces USB webcam or integrated webcam, compatible with most applications using webcam
  • - Preview video, take pictures, and record video files with our Windows client software

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