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Last Updated on January 1, 2024 by Marcella Stephens

If you’re a Windows user, you’re probably familiar with the Start screen. It’s where you launch all your applications, search for files, and access your settings. But did you know that there’s a way to make your Start screen even more convenient and efficient? Introducing Launch, the must-have companion for your Windows Start screen.



Launch is a simple but powerful tool that adds a stationary dock to your Start screen. Here are just a few of the features that make Launch a game-changer for Windows users:

Customizable Dock

Launch allows you to drag and drop your favorite applications onto a stationary dock on your Start screen. This means you can access your most-used apps no matter where you are on your Start screen. Plus, the dock is fully customizable, so you can add or remove apps as your needs change.

Quick Access

With Launch, you can launch your favorite applications with just one click. No more searching through menus or swiping through pages of tiles to find what you need. Simply click on the app icon in your Launch dock and you’re good to go.

Easy to Use

Launch is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. It integrates seamlessly with your Windows Start screen, so you don’t have to learn a new interface or change your workflow. Just drag and drop your favorite apps onto the dock and you’re ready to launch.

Frequently Asked Questions of Launch

Here are some common questions that users have about Launch:

Q: Is Launch compatible with all versions of Windows?

A: Launch is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 8.

Q: Do I need to install any additional software to use Launch?

A: No, Launch is a standalone tool that doesn’t require any additional software or plugins.

Q: Can I add or remove apps from the Launch dock?

A: Yes, Launch is fully customizable. You can add or remove apps from the dock at any time by simply dragging and dropping them.

Q: Is Launch free?

A: Yes, Launch is completely free to use.

Q: Does Launch slow down my computer?

A: No, Launch is designed to be lightweight and efficient. It doesn’t use a lot of system resources or slow down your computer.


If you’re looking to streamline your Windows workflow and make your Start screen even more convenient, Launch is the tool for you. With its customizable dock, quick access, and user-friendly design, Launch is the perfect companion for your Windows Start screen. So why wait? Download Launch today and take your Windows experience to the next level.


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