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Pinger Desktop Download is an app that gives you unlimited text messaging and calls to any phone in the US and Canada. It works seamlessly with any iOS device.

Do you want to send and receive free SMS and calls to people all around the world?

One of these apps is called Pinger Desktop, which enables you to send and receive free calls to anyone in the world.


The review for this app was only tested on a PC, and it showed that it contains advertisements. It is a freeware SMS sender software download from Pinger for Windows.

Features of Pinger Desktop Download


Pinger’s key characteristic is function. No need for flashy buttons or endless options. You can communicate with relatives or friends using a simple UI. Pinger has no gimmicks or hard features to understand.

Calls and instant-messaging 

This application brings together the features that you get with a mobile phone, such as calls and instant-messaging tools.


Pinger Desktop lets you send and receive free SMS to any phone in the USA. Just download and install it on your computer.


The interface of this app is simple. It comes with a couple of contacts on the left and right sides, and it displays all of your messages and exchanges.


Pinger lets you stay in touch with family and friends in an instant. It does so through a simple and easy-to-use interface. It’s also designed to work seamlessly with people of all skill levels.

Pinger Desktop Alternative For Windows

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Frequently Asked Question

Can you use Pinger on a computer?

The Pinger Textfree Web app is a web page that works seamlessly across various platforms. It lets you easily send and receive text messages from anywhere.

What is a pinger desktop?

Pinger Desktop lets you send and receive free SMS to any phone in the US from your computer. Just download the app and provide a real USA phone number.

Can you use pinger on a computer?

The Pinger Textfree Web app is a web page that enables you to easily and quickly send and receive text messages.

Is pinger a TextFree?

Pinger, Inc. is a US Telecom company that provides free text, calls, and voicemails. It was founded in 2005 by Joe Sipher and Greg Woock.

Where is Pinger located?

Pinger is a San Jose, California-based developer of cross-platform apps. Its main products include Sideline and Textfree.

What is Pinger sideline?

Sideline is a mobile phone app created by Pinger, Inc. in 2015. It features a virtual phone number that works seamlessly across Android and iOS.

Is voice Google free?

Almost all Google Voice calls to Canada and the US are free. Calls to specific numbers in the US are charged 1 cent per minute.


Pinger Desktop Download for Windows is developed and updated by Pinger. All registered trademarks, company names, product names, and logos are the property of their respective owners.

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