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With Samsung SideSync Download, you can easily share the data and screen of your mobile device with Windows PC. It lets you receive and manage notifications on the computer.

SideSync Download is an official application that works seamlessly with Samsung’s mobile platforms. It lets users access their phone’s screen and other features on their desktop or laptop computer.


SideSync lets you share your screen and data with your mobile device. It works seamlessly by transferring all your settings and contacts to your PC.

You can sync both your Android and Windows PC devices to one another using Samsung SideSync Download. It lets you enjoy the same apps and features on both of your devices.

The app comes with a couple of simple tools that will help you get started. Having the right software will also allow you to enjoy the screen and data from your Samsung device.

Features of SideSync Download

  • SideSync is a utility that enables you to easily connect two mobile devices to a PC. It does so by creating a USB cable or Wi-Fi connection.
  • SideSync is a utility that lets you control your phone by doing a variety of tasks. You can also transfer files and music to your desktop.
  • SideSync is a utility that lets you connect two mobile devices to a PC or Mac through a USB cable. It does so by automatically connecting the devices to each other.
  • Before you install SideSync Download, make sure that both the apps are compatible with the two devices you want to pair. There are two ways to connect the Galaxy device to the PC: a USB cable or Wi-Fi.
  • With SideSync, Samsung users will be able to easily transfer files to their devices. Just select the files that you want to transfer, and then start the process.

SideSync Alternative For Windows

  • LG Flash Tool 
  • Tongbu Assistant 
  • AirServer 
  • MotoCast 
  • VRoot 
  • TC Games

Frequently Asked Question

Can you download SideSync?

SideSync Download is a simple and secure way to connect a PC to a mobile device. Just follow the instructions below to install and enjoy the features of SideSync.

What is SideSync on my Android phone?

SideSync is a new PC-to-mobile solution that enables users to easily share their PC’s screen and data with a Galaxy smartphone or a Galaxy Tab.

What is sync on Samsung phone?

The main component of SideSync is called Sync, which acts as a bridge between your phone and various other apps and services. You can sync all your contacts and other data from your phone to various places.

Does Samsung SideSync still work?

Unfortunately, Samsung ended its support for SideSync earlier this year, which suggests that the company decided to stop supporting the app sometime in 2019.


SideSync Download for Windows is developed and updated by Samsung. All registered trademarks, company names, product names, and logos are the property of their respective owners.

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