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June 21st, 2021
Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
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WizTree 4.01 Download is a disk space analyzer that scans your hard drive in less than 30 seconds. It shows which files and folders are consuming the most disk space.

It is a fast and simple way to find and remove space hogs from your hard drive.

By scanning your hard drive and folders, WizTree will identify areas of your disk that can be used to save space.

Disk space saver utility that shows you the most disk space used by your files and folders. It also displays all of the files and folders on your hard drive. It can detect and remove “space hogs” easily.

Benefits of WizTree

Free up your disk space

With the help of the visual treemap, you can easily locate and remove all files that are “Space hogs”. It also displays the sizes of all of the files in your directory.

Save Time

Don’t waste time 

Regular updates

New features are added regularly


When scanning non-NTFS formatted drives, WizTree will automatically detect the drive’s File Master Table. It can also scan for non-network drives.


Wiz WizTree is a utility that automatically handles hard-linked files. It does not count them more than once.


You can use it commercially for free or for personal use. However, you should purchase a “Supporter Code” to help support further development.

Manage Files With Ease

Having too many files on your hard drive is a common problem. Over time, these files can become very large and take up valuable space on your PC.

With WizTree, you can identify which files are getting stuck on your hard drive and which ones are in need of organizing.

You will be able to see the largest files in a tree view, as well as the other parameters that determine their size.


View and Organize Files

Having an organized view of large files is very important when it comes to viewing them. This utility will help you sort and manage the files by their size. It will also reveal how many files are needed and how much space they take up.

You can also sort and view these files by their size, type, and region. The app also allows you to perform actions on the fly to get rid of these files.

The app itself runs smoothly, and it does not consume a lot of system resources. It can run smoothly even if you have an older PC.

Features of WizTree Download for Windows

  • Disk Space Analysis
  • Extremely Fast!
  • Multiple File Systems
  • Visual Treemap
  • Find Largest Files
  • File Name Search
  • Export File and MFT Data
  • Import File and MFT Data
  • Command Line Support

How to WizTree 4.01 Download and Install for Windows 

  1. Click the Download button top of the Page.
  2. Wait for 10 Seconds And Click the “Download Now” button. Now you should be redirected to MEGA.
  3. Now let the Start to Download and Wait for it to finish.
  4. Once WizTree 4.01 is done downloading, you can start the installation.
  5. Double click the setup files and follow the installation instruction

Old Version of WizTree

  • WizTree 4.01 (21 June 2021)
  • WizTree 4.00 (10 June 2021)
  • WizTree 3.41 (5 May 2021)
  • WizTree 3.40 (4 May 2021)
  • WizTree 3.39 (15 April 2021)
  • WizTree 3.38 (14 April 2021)
  • WizTree 3.37 (23 February 2021)
  • WizTree 3.36 (16 February 2021)
  • WizTree 3.35 (31 August 2020)
  • WizTree 3.34 (29 August 2020)
  • WizTree 3.33 (14 May 2020)
  • WizTree 3.32 (27 January 2020)
  • WizTree 3.31 (22 January 2020)
  • WizTree 3.30 (31 October 2019)
  • WizTree 3.29 (15 May 2019)
  • WizTree 3.28 (4 February 2019)
  • WizTree 3.26 (17 September 2018)
  • WizTree 3.26 (6 September 2018)
  • WizTree 3.25 (8 July 2018)
  • WizTree 3.24 (6 July 2018)
  • WizTree 3.23 (6 June 2018)


Is WizTree free?

Yes, It’s free for Use.

What is WizTree Windows 10?

WizTree is a hard drive space analyzer that’s faster than WinDirStat. It supports Windows 10.

What makes WizTree so fast?

When scanning a hard drive formatted with NTFS, WizTree automatically scans the drive’s Master File Table (MFT). This feature completely bypasses the Windows operating system.

Is WizTree Open Source?

WinDirStat is a great alternative to DiskUsage, which is available both as a free and Open Source app. Other great alternatives include TreeSize, Baobab DiskUsage, and ncdu.

Does WizTree work on Mac?

Although WizTree is not available on macOS, there are plenty of other alternatives. The best Mac alternative is Ndu, which is both Free and Open Source.


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