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Apk Easy Tool download is a free software download that was made by evildog1 for Windows. It features a variety of features and is commonly used by hackers.

The easiest way to manage and compile Android apps is through a simple and lightweight GUI application known as APK Easy Tool. It lets you easily sign, compile, and decompile the Android apps that you’re working on.

Due to the increasing number of people using smartphones, the need for apps has increased. With APK Easy Tool, you can easily compile and modify the files of your Android apps.


Apk Easy Tool is a very useful application that enables you to manage, sign and decompiles Android apps. It works seamlessly and is very easy to use.

You can get the full version of the app for free on an Android phone by going to the description link on our site. Just download it and install it successfully.

According to the developers, APK Easy Tool is the best tool to manage and sign Android apps. It has advanced features that allow it to compile and sign the app’s files. There are five alternatives to this utility for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Features of APK Easy Tool Download

Compile and extract various

Decompile and APK are tools that allow you to compile and extract various Android apps and files, including DEX, JAR, and SPACE files. It can also cancel operations.

ability to overwrite an APK file

One of the most notable features of the tool is its ability to overwrite an APK file. This is a great feature that can save you a lot of time and energy.

Very useful 

Winter Face is an amazing developer that has created an amazing app called Apk Easy Tool. This is a very useful and fun app that will allow users to easily find related information.

Users to easily 

Apk Easy Tool is a freeware application that allows users to easily manage and select various files related to Android apps. It is a good tool to simplify the work of managing Android app files.

Start using it immediately.

To install this app on Windows, you need to select a reliable and secure website to download the installer. Once done, just follow the steps below to activate it and start using it immediately.

Frequently Asked Question

What is APK easy tool?

The APK Easy Tool is a powerful and lightweight tool that enables Android app developers to easily manage, compile, and decompile their files

How can I edit Android apps on PC?

To use it, just follow the instructions on the given screen and install it on your computer

What is framework Res apk?

The framework-res. apk file is a component of the Android UI that includes the various elements of the phone’s graphical user interface

Can you reverse engineer an APK?

To perform the reverse-engineering process, we would need the Android app’s APK file. To get started, just download the app from its official site and extract it to a directory in the Android app drawer

Can you decompile APK and recompile it?

The tool that we use is called apktool. It allows us to extract and rebuild the files from the Android app.


APK Easy Tool Download for Windows is developed and updated by evildog1. All registered trademarks, company names, product names, and logos are the property of their respective owners

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