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Last Updated on February 14, 2024 by Marcella Stephens

Caesium Download is a tool that automatically compresses photos to give them a more professional appearance. It works by reducing the weight of the images by up to 90%.

Caesium Image Compressor is an open-source image compression tool that can reduce the size of your photos up to 90% without losing their original quality.

It is an award-winning open-source tool that helps users reduce space and make images and videos upload faster. It features a variety of advanced features.


Caesium is a tool that will allow you to easily compress images. It does so by extracting the most out of your files while also saving on the size.

That is a simple program that takes up less space on your hard drive and only reduces the quality of the images. It does so by reducing the size of the file or images to a certain extent.

The Caesium is a great free image compression tool that can be installed on most major platforms such as Windows 10.

Features of Caesium Download

After creating a list, select the photos that you want to be compressed and then press the Compress button. Caesium will then automatically generate a list of all the photos in your folder and save them in the same format.

This program will allow you to view the results of compression tests, which are useful when you don’t know which compression level is right for you. It is also available in two different flavors: Windows and Portable.

The app’s simplicity and real-time preview allow everyone to get the most out of it. With advanced users, they can also get features such as metadata storage and folder structure support.

Caesium Download is a powerful application that can help you compress various types of photos. It does so by automatically selecting the appropriate compression parameters before starting to extract the photos.

The program allows you to set different compression levels for each image, which can save a lot of time. It also works seamlessly with Caesium’s built-in testing engine. Unfortunately, it got confused when it tried to output the output folder, which is not exactly what it intended.

Frequently Asked Question

What is Caesium app?

Caesium reduces the size of your picture up to 90%, preserving the original visual quality. Allows you to save a lot of space and easily upload your pictures on the web in a moment. The software is user-friendly with a simple and clear interface.

Is caesium a liquid?

Caesium is an atomic number 55 chemical element. It is a soft, silvery-golden metal with a melting point of 28.5 degrees Celsius.

How much does cesium cost?

High purity salts are available for around $100 a pound. Usually, metal costs about $25 a gram.

Is cesium free for commercial use?

CesiumJS is a free open-source project that powers over a million apps. Its goal is to foster collaboration and openness.

Is cesium a rare earth metal?

Cesium is a semi-hard, gold-colored metal that is usually found in unusual rocks. It is one of the five metals that is liquid at room temperature.

Is Caesium 137 natural?

Nuclear fission carries out the production of radioactive cesium-137, which can be produced by absorbing neutrons from other radioactive materials.


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