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Capiche Download does not allow the customization of your desktop, then this application can help you get a screenshot of your screen.

In some cases, you may need more than just the Print Screen button to get the perfect image. There are various utilities that can help you get the job done.

If you regularly take a screenshot of your desktop, then this application can help you get it. It has a simple UI and is very easy to use. It features full-featured features.


It is a simple and effective tool that will help you capture an area of the screen and then copy it to the clipboard.

That is a revolutionary app that lets students voice their feedback in real-time in the classroom. Its unique feature is that it allows the teacher to see how well the material is being absorbed by the students.

Features of Capiche Download

Although it allows users to take a photo of a specific part of the screen, it cannot save the picture in any way. Instead, it requires the use of a photo editor to take the picture.

The easiest way to get this is by pressing the little X to close the application. It will then hide in the system tray. Since it doesn’t have an export feature, you’ll need an image editor that can easily paste the captured area.

To prevent this issue, double-click the little X to close the submission. Once it has been submitted, it will disappear in the machine tray. This is because the only way to export a captured region is by creating a photo editor.

The area that’s used as the capture area is the transparent part of the screen. To change it, simply move and resize it.

With Capiche Download !, students can ask any questions they want, and those who never speak up in class can now have a voice. Additionally, it allows teachers to isolate certain pain points, and then listen to the exact details that caused that confusion.

ToolName Alternative For Window

  • rEASYze 
  • Picture Viewer
  • Blender 
  • abrMate 
  • Vectr
  • KLayout 

Frequently Asked Question

What language is capiche?

Cappischi is an American pseudo-Italian term that means “understand?” informal settings. This type of phrase would be commonly used in casual American contexts.

What’s capiche in English?

or capeesh (KPI) informal, mostly the US

Is capiche French or Italian?

It’s slang. It means “got it” or “comprehended”. It’s an Italian word for “to comprehend.”

How do you answer capiche?

Capisce is a contraction of the verb care, which means to understand. It can be used in an informal way or a formal way.

Is Capish Russian?

Capish is a Swedish software company that specializes in data management and analysis. It has been working with restaurants such as Capeesh in order to help them improve their operations.

Is it rude to say capiche?

Capisce? They seem to understand, which makes it more fun to say. However, I think the word “understand” would be ruder.

What is capiche Capache?

Capiche is the English spelling of the word capisci, which comes from the Italian capisci. It is often followed by a question mark and is usually less common than the other spellings.

How do you use the word capiche?

I’m not in the Mafia. Wasn’t.


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