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Clover EFI Bootloader Download allows you to customize the OEM configuration of your system. You can also install Clover EFI as an ESP or install it on a Windows machine only.

You can now customize the appearance and performance of your macOS operating system with the help of a custom bootloader.

This application is a free and lightweight utility that lets you install and run macOS Mojave, Android, and Windows on machines with BIOS that have UEFI.


The installer package of this utility comes with its own on-screen instructions. It eliminates the need for additional steps to install.

Features of Clover EFI Bootloader Download

This software will help you customize macOS on non-Apple hardware. It will also provide the necessary configuration support for your device.

This tool comes with its own installer package, which means that it will only install the latest versions of the software. It also comes with the necessary credentials for your admin account.

With the new Clover EFI Bootloader Download , you can easily modify the system preference window to include a custom preference. It will allow you to update the hardware and provide a better overall experience.

Another feature that’s included in the latest versions of the software is the ability to create a custom user interface for your computer. This feature can allow you to create a customized boot menu or background image, similar to how an Apple iPod does.

The Clover EFI Bootloader is a utility that can run on macOS with UEFI or BIOS. It features a variety of customization options, such as themes, icons, and background images.

Clover EFI Bootloader Alternative For Windows

  • Jarfix 
  • Adobe Application Manager 
  • Privoxy 
  • UEFI BIOS Updater 
  • iSpy
  • MSI Afterburner 

Frequently Asked Question

What is Clover EFI bootloader?

Clover is a boot loader that works seamlessly with various legacy and UEFI systems. It features a built-in GUI, and it can boot Linux and OS X with native resolution.

What is OpenCore Hackintosh?

OpenCore is an alternative to the CloverEFI or Chameleon bootloader. It can be used for various purposes, such as Hackintosh, and it can also be used on real Mac computers.

How do you hide Clover boots?

After installing and configuration your EFI partition, go to the GUI section and hide the volume section.

How do I remove clover from Windows 10?

Open the Applications and Features/Programs and Features list and click on Clover.

Is Clover easier than OpenCore?

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What are OpenCore and clover?

OpenCore has added support for more OSes, including Leopard and X, without requiring the use of any special tools or hardware.


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