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Last Updated on July 18, 2022 by Marcella Stephens

DiskDigger Download can easily recover lost or deleted photos from your external storage device. It does not require root to recover data.

Whether you accidentally deleted or formatted photos, DiskDigger can easily recover them. It can also find and restore them to their original locations. Its powerful data recovery features allow you to store and upload the recovered files to various online storage platforms.

If you accidentally deleted or lost photos from your Android device, this app can help you recover them. It does so by creating a partition on your Android device and clicking the “scan” button. Once it completes its operation, you will be able to see the photos it found.


It is a utility that can undelete and recover lost files from various types of hard drives, USB flash drives, and memory cards. It’s also capable of finding and reactivating previously deleted files.

DiskDigger download can also recover photos and videos from external storage media. Its ability to find and restore lost files without requiring root access makes it an ideal tool for anyone who accidentally deleted or formatted their photos.

Features of DiskDigger Download

Recover files from various types of media

The Pro version of DiskDigger lets users recover files in various formats, such as PNG and JPG. It works seamlessly with all major platforms, and it lets users recover files without any problems. DiskDigger can recover files from various types of media, such as floppy disks, CDs, DVDs, and flash drives. It has two modes of operation, which are called deep and deep.

Zize and extract the executable

To install DiskDigger, just download an archive that’s less than 1MB in size and extract the executable. Once it’s done, just follow the wizard to install it. Since Android devices don’t have a recycle bin, it’s very dangerous to accidentally remove all of your important files. This app lets users recover all the files that they lost.

Deep and non-rooted devices 

The app is very simple to use. Just select the partition on your phone that you want to recover photos, and then press the button to start the process. The difference between deep and non-rooted devices is that while deep scans are limited to cache and thumbnails, the scans on rooted devices are able to find all files on the device.

Scan multiple types of disks

DiskDigger can scan multiple types of disks, such as FAT, NTFS, and exFAT. In the high-speed mode, it will look for more lost files than in the previous one. It will also not identify the exact sector where the data was found.

File Recovery App on Android

DiskDigger can recover lost or formatted files from almost any media storage device. It can do it even if you accidentally deleted or formatted your documents or photos.Follow the below steps to install the latest version of DiskDigger File Recovery App on Android and iOS.

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Frequently Asked Question

Can DiskDigger recover photos?

DiskDigger is an Android app that will recover photos and videos that were accidentally deleted or lost from your device. It does so by saving them in the device’s memory.

Does DiskDigger recover videos?

Getting back those deleted videos on Android can be a little challenging if you didn’t follow the proper procedures. Fortunately, there are tools that can help.

How do you use DiskDigger on a PC?

After creating a new partition, clicking the “Scan disk image” button will take you to the app’s advanced menu. It also has an option to save all the recovered file types at once.

What is wipe free space in DiskDigger?

Wiping of free space occurs when a temporary file consumes the entire available space on your device

Can DiskDigger recover text messages?

Although DiskDigger can recover various types of data, it does not promise to get back all of it. If you decide to use the software, it may require root access to perform its operations.

How do I delete photos from the DiskDigger app?

If your device is rooted, DiskDigger will automatically search all of the photos and videos stored on it. After it has finished its scan, tap the “Clean up” button to permanently remove anything that’s no longer needed

Does DiskDigger steal data?

The DiskDigger app and its companion app do not collect any information from the users’ devices or accounts.

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