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DisplayCAL Download is a graphical user interface that simplifies the calibration and profiling of display devices. It works seamlessly with the many features of the Argyll CMS color management system. It displays and interprets the various settings and inputs that are commonly used in display setups.

If you are interested in contributing to the development of DisplayCAL and/or the continued availability of ArgyllCMS, please consider making a financial contribution. Both projects are very useful to anyone who uses them, and a one-time contribution is typically appropriate.


With DisplayCAL, you can easily measure colors in various configurations, such as printing, photography, and graphic design. It was originally built as an Android app.

It was developed by Florian Hch to enable the easy calibration and profiling of display setups using the Argyll CMS system. With many built-in features, it can be used to define and verify display setups, as well as create 3D LUTs and monitor multi-monitor setups.

It uses the ArgyllCMS color management system to take measurements and create profiles. It also supports multi-monitor setups, and it can create 3D LUTs and monitor calibrations with varying viewing conditions.

Features of DisplayCAL Download

  • If you’re already contributing and would like to give something back on your own behalf, please leave a message on this form to indicate that you would like to contribute to both projects. Support for the correction of colorimeter errors for various display device types.
  • This app features many of the same capabilities as Argyll, but it also comes with a few new features that will allow you to customize its various settings at your leisure. This includes the ability to create a profile, adjust the white level, and adjust the calibration speed.
  • Calibrate and characterize various display devices with one of the many available hardware sensors. It supports multi-display setups, as well as the ability to create various configurations with a predefined white point, luminance, and tone response curve.
  • DisplayCAL is a calibration and profiling solution that aims to provide the most accurate and versatile results. It uses the same open-source color management system, ArgyllCMS, to create and manage calibrations and profiles.
  • Having the right color for the show calibration suite can be a bit challenging, but there are various apps that can help get the job done. One of these is the main app, which can run various tests and give you the best color for your designs.

DisplayCAL Alternative For Windows

  • TinyPic 
  • Photoscape
  • QuickViewer 
  • Bg Eraser
  • Nikon NEF Codec
  • Skanect 

Frequently Asked Question

How do I install display Cal?

Follow the instructions below to install the app. You can also drag the icon to the dock if you want to access its features.

How do I use DisplayCAL on a Mac?

The easiest way to install DisplayCAL is by opening the package and dragging the icon to your Applications folder.

Does DisplayCAL work with SpyderX?

DisplayCAL is a free app that works seamlessly with the SpyderX sensor and provides advanced calibration capabilities.

Is my monitor color correct?

On Windows, go to the Control Panel and search for “Calibrate display color.” There, you will see a window that will take you through the basic image settings.

Our MacBook Pro screens calibrated?

The assembly line of every MacPro with Liquid Retina XDR displays is used to perform the calibration process.

Which display profile is best for Mac?

For me, the new macbook Air is best when it comes to color accuracy. In particular, I found that the Color LCD was a bit saturated while the Apple RGB was washed out

Do I need to color calibrate my imac?

If you use photos or videos while watching them in the best possible conditions, then you should definitely consider getting your display calibrated.


DisplayCAL Download for Windows is developed and updated by Florian Hoch. All registered trademarks, company names, product names, and logos are the property of their respective owners.

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