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DShutdown Download is a tool that lets users plan the exact steps that will cause their computer to shut down. It provides a variety of customization options that will suit your needs. Common shutdown software only allows you to decide when the computer will shut down. DShutDwown allows you to select the exact time when the PC will stop working.

This tool has plenty of options that are beyond the usual run-of-the-mill configurations. Some of these include forcing a “pure” shutdown, which will cause the PC to automatically shut down once it has finished a specific task or application. It can also be used to allow the PC to automatically shut down when Internet traffic drops below a certain level.


DShutdown Download is a utility that lets you perform various tasks on a remote PC. Some of these include wake, sleep, program close, monitor network rate, and lock.

If you’re looking for a simple and portable way to manage your computer and remote machines, then DShutdown Download is the app for you. It works seamlessly across various platforms and can be carried on a portable external drive.

DShutdown Download is a utility that can wake up and shut down a remote PC. It can also do this on the schedule that you have set. DShutdown is a tool that will help users plan and manage their computer shutdowns. It can be used to schedule them based on their current state and other configurations.

The app lets you set the time when your computer is scheduled to close and how it will operate when it’s inactive. It saves you battery by automatically closing the PC when you don’t need it.

Features of DShutdown Download

Performed with the selected options

DShutdown can also terminate a shutdown request initiated by a user or an application. It can also perform a complete shutdown, which can be performed with the selected options. This utility can be installed from a portable CD or a pen drive. It does not create new entries in the registry or the Windows start menu, and it leaves no traces of any previous work.

Clean and simple

The interface of DShutdown is clean and simple. It doesn’t seem to have any emphasis on looks, though it does have a large window that shows all the options. It can also intercept a shutdown request sent by a user or an application and perform a complete shutdown with the selected options. DShutdown does not force a power-off, and it saves your settings.

Application or process

The program can also shut down a system when a specific application or process is running at a certain level. This utility can help you set up a schedule for when your computer will automatically shut down, reboot, or hibernate. It can also be used on other machines.

Certain activity

You can also perform a complete shutdown when a specific program or process is running at a low level, or if the user is idle. It can also turn off the system when a certain activity level has been reached.

Alternative to installing 

DShutdown is a free-to-use utility, and it can run on almost any PC. Its portability makes it a great alternative to installing an expensive app. It leaves no traces of history or even your current work.

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