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Last Updated on September 2, 2022 by Marcella Stephens

Facebook Messenger Download is a free app that lets you chat with anyone on your Facebook page. It features a variety of built-in features that make it fun to communicate with everyone.

That is a web app that enables users to communicate with each other. It was initially called Facebook Chat and was later integrated into the website.

Do you have a problem with the Facebook Messenger app? While it’s useful to see all the messages that you need, it can also get frustrating when the app stops working properly. There are a number of ways to resolve this issue.


In response to the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook secretly retracted the messages sent by its CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The company also launched a feature that lets users unsend their messages.

In response to the Sony Pictures hack in 2014, Facebook changed the privacy settings of its executives to prevent unauthorised access to their messages. It also introduced a feature that limits the retention period for messages.

Features of Facebook Messenger Download

People are increasingly communicating in private spaces

With more than a billion people using Messenger, we know that people are increasingly communicating in private spaces. That’s why we’re connecting the two apps so that everyone has the best messaging experience no matter which app they use.

You to stay close to your friends

We’re also adding more features that will allow you to stay close to your friends. These include the ability to watch trending videos with your friends, and the ability to set disappearing messages.

Create custom emoji reactions

Joining the Messenger app is a feature that lets users reply to a specific message, forward a message, and customise their chat colours and themes. In the near future, we’ll also give users the ability to create custom emoji reactions.

That the app can access the internet

Most of the time, Facebook Messenger users encounter this issue. Usually, they can’t see the messages or new messages sent using the app. To troubleshoot the issue, make sure that the app can access the internet.

Great app for everyone

When the app was released, some people found it confusing to use because it took users away from the Facebook app’s main features. Although it’s a great app for everyone, most of the time, people didn’t see the need for it.

Facebook Messenger Alternative For Windows

  • Pidgin 
  • Thunderbird 
  • YakYak 
  • Nimbuzz 
  • Palringo 
  • Chatty 

Frequently Asked Question

Can I log into Messenger without the app?

The best way to get around this is to use the desktop version of Facebook. It’s not mobile-friendly, but it will allow you to access and respond to Messenger messages.

How do I open Messenger in the browser?

To get started, go to Messenger’s top left and tap on your profile picture. After that, go to Photos & Media and set the default browser to open links.

Is Facebook Chat and Messenger the same?

Chat is already on your computer and can be accessed through Facebook. However, Messenger is only part of the social network and is required to be downloaded to use on iOS.

How can I read a Facebook message without it being seen?

After receiving a message, open Messenger and read it without worrying about the other end. Just make sure to close the app before going back to Airplane Mode.

Can you use Facebook without an account?

At any time, you can read anything on a Facebook page without having to create a Facebook account. The site is also used as a platform for advertising products and services

Does the Green Dot mean they are on Facebook or Messenger?

The green dot next to the video button is used to indicate that someone is available to chat with. If you enable Facebook to access your camera, this will always be switched on.

Is Messenger a private message?

If you use Secret Conversations, your Facebook messages are not private. Instead, they are sent through the app and are not end-to-end encryption

Can anyone message me on Messenger?

Facebook messages are private and can only be sent by people who have a Facebook profile.


Facebook Messenger Download for Windows is developed and updated by Facebook. All registered trademarks, company names, product names, and logos are the property of their respective owners.

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