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FastCopy Download is a fast and easy-to-use program that enables users to copy, modify, and sync files on Windows. It features a clean and secure environment, and it can safeguard all your data integrity.

FastCopy is a utility that gives users complete control over how they copy and transfer files. It eliminates the need for users to install programs on their machines.


Getting done with various tasks on a computer can be very time-consuming. One example of this is copying and transferring files. FastCopy Download is a tool that simplifies this process by automatically transferring and copying files to different locations.

With FastCopy Download, users can easily copy and merge multiple files in one location. It can also perform various other tasks like batch copying and renaming.

The program is very simple to use, as it doesn’t have a predefined installation procedure. Also, it doesn’t show any record when used after you install it. It can be easily copied to a storage device such as a USB flash drive.

Features of FastCopy Download

  • The data storage and writing operations of FastCopy are multi-threaded in its DiffHDD mode. It uses a smaller read buffer than usual, which means it won’t slow down disk usage.
  • This program has a basic display that is almost one step removed from binary code. The user can customize many of its options, such as the speed of copy and the type of file that they want to copy.
  • It is very important that new users understand the various options that are presented in FastCopy’s interface. While the program has a Help menu, it is not very user-friendly.
  • When the task is complete, the program will display the details of the operation, such as the total time left and the filed rate.
  • A fastCopy Download is a powerful tool that can easily copy and paste files from multiple locations. It works seamlessly and can also set various configurations to help make the job easier and faster.

FastCopy Alternative For Windows

  • XXCopy 
  • SD Card Formatter 
  • FileCtor 
  • FreeMove 
  • Supercopier 
  • WinDiff 

Frequently Asked Question

Is FastCopy free?

FastCopy is a free and open-source Windows application that adds enhanced capabilities to the built-in file explorer.

Is FastCopy legit?

FastCopy 3.92 was praised by Bogdan Popa for its efficiency and reliability. The product’s user ratings were also average.

Which is better TeraCopy or FastCopy?

FastCopy is the fastest way to copy, but it can also be integrated into other apps like Windows. With its own progress bars, FastCopy can also be paused.

Does TeraCopy increase speed?

In “HowToGeek,” a battle of file copiers was conducted between Windows 10 and TeraCopy.

How much faster is TeraCopy?

The average time it took to copy a 4 GB file was longer than Windows, with TeraCopy copying it much faster. It also copied smaller files at a faster rate.


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