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FileBot Download is an application that lets you rename and organize media files in a matter of seconds. It works seamlessly across various platforms such as online databases and downloads artwork and cover images.

It is the ultimate tool for creating and renaming movies, TV shows, and subtitles. It works seamlessly across various platforms such as Windows and Linux.

FileBot Download is a tool that lets users rename and organize media files, and it can also download and install subtitles from various sources.


It’s a great tool for people who love anime and TV series. It lets you rename and group various episodes into various categories.

If you want to download the latest version of FileBot Download, just visit the Mac App Store or the Microsoft Appstore to get it installed.

Features of FileBot Download

  • I just downloaded this program and renamed over a thousand files in less than half an hour. It is very easy to use, and it asks for the correct match if the original is malformed.
  • FileBot Download simplifies the process of renaming and organizing media files. It automatically matches all of your files with the information in your preferred database, and then automatically renames and organizes everything for you.
  • This program is in a niche market and has a pretty large following. However, the lack of documentation for the program is a big issue, as it leaves most of the users scratching their heads at times while trying to figure out what the buttons do.
  • Right-click any movie or episode file and select “New Names” to rename it.
  • With FileBot Download, you’ll be able to copy the names of all episodes of any TV show in seconds. It also allows you to search for and download subtitles in different languages.

FileBot Alternative For Windows

  • Alternate Archiver
  • FileToFolder
  • ExpPrint 
  • MediaPurge 
  • Attribute Changer 
  • Total Commander

Frequently Asked Question

Is there a free version of FileBot?

Unfortunately, there is now a more free version of WordPerfect for everyone regardless of platform.

Is FileBot portable free?

Although it is not free of charge, it is still a paid application. You can still make a donation without being prompted.

Is FileBot open source?

The fact that FileBot is open source reflects idealism rather than capitalism.

Does FileBot work for music?

If you’re not sure if the files are already tagged, then organizing them doesn’t help much. Also, it won’t modify the file content in any way.

Do you need a license for FileBot?

Although it’s free to download and install, a license is required for continued use. Each license is per-user, so it’s compatible with various operating systems.

How do I rename a TV series file?

To add episode titles to your files, go to the Look up titles online button. After renaming a file, select the Rename button.

Can Plex organize files?

Plex is a great tool to organize and stream non-DRM movies and TV shows from your hard drive. It does so much more than that, though, by making sure that your files are properly named.


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