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FileCtor Download is an advanced file system inspector that takes the place of traditional file system managers. It features an interactive JavaScript console.FileCtor Download is a web application that helps you run JavaScript scripts for different types of files. Unlike other solutions, it lets you run the scripts for a specific folders and file acts.


Unlike other solutions in the industry, FileCtor Download allows you to run Java scripts on the fly. It does so by creating a series of predefined scripts that can be executed on various tasks such as renaming a file, printing an image, or performing compression and resizing.

It is a file manager that enables you to run JavaScript scripts for specific actions to be taken on files and folders.

The program comes with a built-in set of predefined scripts. These scripts include a variety of useful functions such as renaming a file, image optimization, and compression.

Features of FileCtor

  • Created with React and Electron technologies, FileCtor Download is a modern app that looks and feels like a desktop app. To get started, the user just needs to download the package and run it. Upon launching, the app comes with three main menus: File, Snippet, and Settings. Its ability to come with multiple script snippets makes it extremely easy to learn the app’s functionality.
  • The app comes with three key menus: files, preference, and snippets. Its packed with script excerpts makes it easy for users to learn how to use the app without writing their own scripts. To execute scripts, the user needs to enter the code and press the “Execute” button.
  • Scripting can be performed by clicking the code button in the Files menu, and then clicking the “Execute” button. Even though it was designed for developers, the app’s settings are mostly standard. In terms of customization, the user can only customize the font that they want to use. They can also modify the keyboard controls for the actions that are performed.

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FileCtor Download for Windows is developed and updated by Tomas Chyly. All registered trademarks, company names, product names, and logos are the property of their respective owners.

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