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FortiClient Download is a powerful and comprehensive anti-virus program that can protect your PC from various threats. Its main function is to perform a deep search of your entire system to find and quarantine all the infected files.

It is a free security software that lets users protect their Windows PC from various threats. It’s built by Fortinet, who is known for developing security solutions.

FortiClient VPN is a desktop app that allows you to create a secure virtual private network connection between your Windows PC and FortisGate Firewall.


With this app, you can create a secure virtual private network connection between Android devices and FortiGate Firewall.

The FortiClient app features a variety of tools that help keep your PC secure. Its endpoint management solution helps identify and monitor the software that’s installed on a specific PC.

Features of FortiClient Download

FortiClient is a

FortiClient is a Windows security tool that gives you complete control over your PC’s entire security system. It can also identify and prevent unauthorised access to your PC.

This app

This app supports both IPSec and SSL encryption. It also has FortiToken support. However, the features of this app are only available for now.

Saml doesn’t allow

Saml doesn’t allow me to authenticate using my browser’s username and password. It also sends 2FA but then starts the process over again.


FortiClient is a remote access solution that gives users the freedom to connect to any location, without having to worry about security or network issues. It features an easy-to-use interface.

Control the activities 

It allows you to run a weekly scan to keep your PC’s security up. It also comes with a parental control feature that lets you monitor and control the activities of your children.

FortiClient Alternative For Windows

  • Dukto 
  • Opened Ports Viewer 
  • Wireshark 
  • NetworkMiner
  • inSSIDer 
  • DNS Angel

Frequently Asked Question

Is FortiClient VPN free?

FortiGate administrators can now get a free version of FortiClient VPN, which provides basic encryption and SSL encryption. This app does not require any registration or central management.

How do I download the old version of FortiClient?

You can find the installer for Fortinet on the support site. Just enter your email address and you will be taken to a folder containing all the different versions of Fortinet.

Is Fortinet the same as FortiClient?

FortiClient is a web filtering solution that works seamlessly with the Security Fabric of Fortinet. It provides advanced threat detection and prevention.

How do I Download FortiClient offline installer?

You can download the FortiClient installer from our support site. After clicking on the download button, you will be prompted to enter the FortiClient Release Notes.

Is FortiClient a VPN?

FortiClient is a powerful security suite that combines industry-leading encryption with robust compliance.

How do I download FortiManager?

The FortiCore and FortiManager MIB files are available from the FortiManager Support Web Site. To download them, go to the “Download” section and select the appropriate file.

What is SSL VPN in FortiGate?

A Client or SSL VPN is a secure method of accessing a network without an enterprise firewall. It can be used to give remote users or employees the ability to browse the web without an enterprise firewall.


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