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Last Updated on February 14, 2024 by Marcella Stephens

Fotor Download is an advanced image editor that allows users to create collage-like images and modify the various aspects of an image.

Image editing is a vital part of any professional photographer’s arsenal. It involves handling various aspects of photography, and it can be challenging to learn and master.


The editors in Fotor are loaded with features that will allow you to get started immediately. It features a variety of predefined templates and backgrounds, and it also supports tilt-shift and RAW capture. It also comes with a built-in sharing feature.

This is a multi-purpose graphics editor that enables users to create stunning and efficient photo enhancements.

Features of Fotor Download

  • Aside from the usual features, you can also customize various aspects of an image, such as exposure, contrast, saturation, and border adjustments. It also comes with a built-in social sharing feature that enables users to share their edited photos.
  • A new collage feature allows users to select from over 80 predefined templates or customize the background and orientation of their photos.
  • Most of the time, photos are taken in a non-controlled environment, and it can be challenging to set the settings when conditions change.
  • With so many features and tools at its disposal, it can be hard to use an image editor that is relatively easy to learn and use. That’s why Fotor Download is considered an excellent choice for novice and non-tech savvy users.
  • This app also allows users to batch process and collage multiple photos at the same time. It saves a lot of time and effort by allowing users to do so. Another great feature of Fotor is its ability to allow users to save and print their edited photos.

Fotor Alternative For Windows

  • RIOT
  • Quick Picture Viewer
  • StylePix
  • Vectr
  • Mylio
  • TinyTask

Frequently Asked Question

Is Fotor for Windows free?

Fotor is a free photo editor that can help users process and enhance their photos. It features a variety of photo effects that can make them look vintage.

Is Fotor safe?

According to our users, they gave Fotor a 4.58 rating. It is a feature-rich image editor that can allow users to apply various effects such as tilt-shift and borders.

Does Fotor have a watermark?

One of the most useful features of Fotor is its ability to add a watermark to your photos. You can also customize the text format that appears on the photo.

What is Fotor on iPhone?

Fotor is a professional photo editor that enables users to create stunning and easy-to-use images. It’s also a good choice for amateur photographers.

Is Fotor real?

This app is considered a real competitor to Adobe Photoshop due to its ease of use and the ability to quickly create great images.


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