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FTP Rush Download is a free, multi-platform file transfer software that enables users to transfer files from various devices. It also supports cloud storage clients such as Dropbox and Amazon S3.

That is a free Windows FTP client that can be used for various purposes. It features a tabbed interface, and it can create multiple windows for different connections. It also comes with advanced features such as Script Designer and Command Designer.

It is a utility that allows you to easily transfer files from one server to another. It does so by supporting various FTP protocols such as HTTP, FTPS, and SFTP. It also comes with a variety of features that make it a great choice for web developers.

FTP Rush windows is compatible with various major platforms such as Windows, macOS, and Android. It can also be used to transfer files between a server and a client.


That is a powerful server-side tool that enables users to easily transfer and download files from their local disc and a server.

One of the main advantages of this utility is that it lets users drag and drop their files to the application’s window, and it automatically creates lists of tasks to perform.

Portable FTP Rush is a portable version of the FTP client that can be used to transfer files from and to a server. It’s also install-free.

FTP Rush is a utility that was designed to work seamlessly with various network characteristics. It was also built with a variety of routine processes to ensure fast downloads and uploads.

Features of FTP Rush Download

Special expertise or knowledge in any particular area

It uses the local computer to bridge the file transfer between different protocols. This means that files can be transferred between various servers without requiring special expertise or knowledge in any particular area.

Easily create and execute various 

The built-in Script Designer and Command Designer feature of FTP Rush allow skilled users to easily create and execute various tasks with minimal effort. Another feature that makes it useful is its ability to sync all the files in the directory.

Automatically update

The interface of FTPRush allows you to have multiple servers open in different tabs. Another feature that it offers is the ability to automatically update a folder in the server.

Very comfortable to work

The double-sided layout of FTP Rush makes it very comfortable to work with. Its ability to host both remote and local connections makes it an excellent choice for people who are new to using FTP.

Maintained by keeping it running smoothly

FTPRush’s basic features are maintained by keeping it running smoothly. It features a built-in task manager and a web browser that allow users to perform various tasks without having to install additional software.

Transfer files between various protocols

FTP Rush sends and receives files from different servers through the local machine. This feature makes it possible to transfer files between various protocols, like HTTP and FTP. It also supports C# scripting language.

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Frequently Asked Question

How do I FTP rush?

FTP Rush is a utility that lets you transfer files and folders from a website. To start, launch it and connect to a site

Is FTP faster than downloading?

FTP used to be considered faster. However, HTTP has a control channel and state that is maintained besides the TCP state

How can I speed up my FTP transfer?

To improve the performance of FTP, increase the parallel downloads or limit the maximum simultaneous transfers. This feature will bypass server limitations

What is download via FTP?

FTP is a protocol that enables people to send and receive files from one computer to another. It works seamlessly by connecting to a server

Why is FTP so slow?

The issue is most likely related to the server’s configuration. If the number of people using the same FTP server is overloading it, it will slow down the server.

Is HTTP better than FTP?

Although both protocols are used for transferring large files, HTTP is more efficient when it comes to transferring smaller files

Is FTP faster than SMB?

Although FTP is faster than SMB, it lacks the features that allow it to handle multi-part transfers. This is why FTP clients can also split files into separate parts.


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