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Last Updated on February 21, 2024 by Marcella Stephens

GoScreen Download is a Windows API function that lets you hide all the visible windows in the previous screen. It does so by calling the GetWindowText and ShowWindow functions.

Virtual pages are created by goScreen Corporate to display various programs and windows on the console screen. When one clicks on a program, it will be taken to a page that’s already active

GoScreen is a desktop application that helps users create multiple desktop environments. It saves time and makes the desktop look more organized.

There is no magic to goScreen, but it can be done with two Windows API functions: ShowWindow and GetWindowText.

When you hear the term virtual desktop manager, you probably think that it will make your monitor screen bigger. However, this is not the case, as goScreen makes the desktop deeper.

Features of goScreen Download

Applications should perform properly

Having a window hide or show is a legal operation that all applications should perform properly. It is also one of the main requirements for developing for Windows.

Appropriate colors and backgrounds for each screen

goScreen is a desktop app that lets users have up to eighty different desktop computers on the same machine. It does so by allowing you to select the appropriate colors and backgrounds for each screen.

Additional shortcuts

It means that the desktop gets cluttered with additional shortcuts. It can look cluttered and unusable for people with limited expertise.

The desktop has one visible surface

Imagine that your desktop has one visible surface. Imagine that all the pages are the same size, and are placed one above the other.

Call ShowWindow themselves

Creating a legal operation that allows people to hide and show a window is very important. It also requires that the applications react properly to it. Some of the strange behavior of other applications is that they sometimes call ShowWindow themselves.

goScreen Alternative For Windows

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Frequently Asked Question

What is GoScreen?

GoScreen is a great way to create virtual desktops that are easily dragged and dropped. You can then switch among them with a variety of configurable hotkeys and mouse movements.

How do I install Go screen?

Right-click the Control bar or the title bar of any application window and select Properties. This will take you to the Properties menu item.

How much is go screen?

The Portal Go, which is a variant of Facebook’s smart display, will be released on October 19, 2021. It features a brand new form factor and new tricks.

Why we should go screen free?

Smartphones and other screens are often used by parents to interfere with their child’s development.


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