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Last Updated on March 25, 2022 by Marcella Stephens

HolzShots Download is a free and open-source screenshot software that simplifies the process of taking a screenshot.

It is a powerful and easy-to-use screenshot creator that will allow you to create stunning and useful screenshots. It will allow you to batch-edit and publish them to various platforms.

That is a utility that lets users post and share screenshots. It does so by taking control of all the screenshots that you want to share.


If you frequently perform screen captures, then you may want to look into an application that can help with the processing of these images.

It is a new app that enables users to easily record, edit, and share screenshots in Windows. It features a professional-grade assistant that will allow you to save and record screenshots in any part of the screen.

Features of HolzShots Download

Powerful editor 

After taking a screenshot, you can customize it in various ways. Its powerful editor lets you crop and adjust the brightness and blur the areas of the image.

Various tools

There are also various tools that allow you to draw and customize screenshots. These include text editor, freehand drawing tools, and predefined shapes.

Taking screenshots

Aside from taking screenshots, it also allows you to copy and paste any links or files that you create in the app.

Various free

Various free-hand drawing software also come with predefined text and shapes. You can also customize the text and shapes of your screenshots.

Easy to use.

Overall, HolzShots Download is a utility that can help you capture and edit images. It is very easy to use.

HolzShots Alternative For Windows

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  • RealWorld Paint 
  • Moo0 ScreenShot 
  • Adobe Camera Raw 
  • Gravit Designer 
  • ImageGlass


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