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Last Updated on July 20, 2022 by Marcella Stephens

iBackup Viewer Download is a utility that lets you extract and view the contents of your iTunes backup. It does so by creating a list of all the files and settings that are related to each of your devices. It also allows you to copy and recover lost or damaged data from the backup.

View and copy your iPhone backup files to a hard drive. It lets you organize and transfer various types of files, such as contacts, notes, voice memos, and multimedia.


Discover and extract data from your iOS devices to your PC. iBackup Viewer Download does so by creating a backup of your device’s data when you sync it with iTunes.

iTunes often backs up iPhone and iPad’s contents into unreadable files and databases. This makes it hard to extract useful information from the backup data.

Features of iBackup Viewer Download

  • IBackup Viewer is a utility that enables users to backup and recover various files and features. It includes the ability to send and receive SMS, convert contacts, and printing and saving of PDF files.
  • IBackup Viewer lets you easily extract contacts from your iPhone backups. It also allows you to save them as vcards on disk.
  • iBackup Viewer Download is a utility that lets iPhone users extract and modify encrypted data from their backup. It works seamlessly even though it’s free to use. If you’re an iPhone user that regularly backup data, this app is for you.
  • The program’s installer is named iBackup Viewer.exe. It is the most frequently downloaded application file due to its size. The latest version that was released was 4.2, which was rated as clean.
  • The free and pro versions of iBackup Viewer can be used with different configurations. With these two, you can get the most of the features and functions of the utility.

iBackup Viewer Alternative For Windows

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  • KingRoot PC
  • TC Games 3.0 Update

Frequently Asked Question

Is iBackup viewer safe?

Your data is safe and secure with iBackup Viewer Download. Use any IBackup applications to backup and restore your data.

Can I trust iPhone Backup Extractor?

Through the feedback of its users, TrustPilot rated Reincubate as one of the most loved software companies in the UK.

Is Reincubation real?

Users love how easy it is to get more from their Apple devices.

What is inside iPhone backup?

Your IBackup backups only contain the information and settings that are already stored on your device.

How do I extract all data from my iPhone?

After installing and connecting your iPhone to your computer, go to the iMazing’s Actions list and click Export All Data. There, you can select any type of data that you want to save.


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