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iBackupBot Download is a tool that makes sure that users always have the latest versions of their apps, documents, and files. It’s especially useful for people who work on large projects.

When you connect an iOS device to your computers, such as an iPad or an iPod touch, it will automatically back up all of the settings and files related to it. This feature is especially useful when transferring data from one device to another.

When you connect an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch to your computer, iTunes automatically backs up all of the files and settings on it. This feature is very useful if you need to restore or transfer your previous settings.


iBackupBot Download is a tool that enables users to backup and recover their iOS devices. It works seamlessly with iTunes.

Synchredible is a utility that automatically syncs and copies all of your files and folders. It does so by creating jobs that can be executed on a time-controlled basis.

Features of iBackupBot

  • Synchredible is a utility that enables users to sync and synchronize various files and folders in various locations. It can also be used to backup and synchronize data across various devices.
  • iBackupBot Download for iTunes allows users to share their data with others by exporting text and Excel files. Just click on the Export button and it will automatically export all your data.
  • BackupBot for iTunes lets you manage and backup your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch data. It works seamlessly with Windows or Mac computers. You can also modify the files and settings that are stored in iTunes.
  • Once installed, the program works fairly well and automatically backs up all your data at regular intervals. However, it can also occasionally slow down processes when connected to a device.
  • Before iBackupBot Download for iTunes, restoring all of your files to the iPad or iPhone was the only option. It lets users customize and modify their files before they are replaced on their handheld device.

iBackupBot Alternative For Windows

  • Easy2Boot 
  • FixWin
  • Folder Menu 
  • Lenovo Service Bridge
  • Encrypt Care
  • Virtual Hidden Disk

Frequently Asked Question

What is iBackupBot Download setup EXE?

iBackupBot for Windows lets you backup and manage all your data on your iPad or iPhone. It includes a variety of features such as text messaging, notes taking, and call history.

How do I use iBackupBot?

You can easily select a backup in the left tree pane and then select the Export option to export it to a computer folder. You can also export all your backups to iBackupBot for iTunes.

Does iBackupBot work on IOS 13?

iBackupBot can backup all your iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, etc.

Can you remove MDM from IPAD?

To remove the MDM from Android, go to the settings menu and select the “Device Administrator” option. Then, remove the Android from the list.

What is decipher backup browser?

Decipher Backup Browser is a utility that lets you backup and restore your contacts to your iPhone. It also allows you to view and save various app data in a single app.

How do I remove Uber eat from my iPad?

Open the app and go to the settings menu. Scroll down and tap Privacy to enable or disable account settings.

How do I factory reset my iPad using MDM?

To remove the device’s profile, go to the settings menu, and then select “General” and “Remote Management”. If it is not possible.


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