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InputDaddy Download, you can create simple and effective automation scripts that will streamline and simplify your work.

Designed for non-technical users, InputDaddy simplifies the process of creating and executing scripts. It lets users create and modify automation scripts with ease. Its interactive debugging features allow users to see what’s happening when a script is executed.

There are many tasks that you may need to complete each day. With InputDaddy, you can easily build scripts that will automatically and effectively optimize your work. It is a web application that has a simple UI and is very easy to use.


Do you often type a lot and would like to save time? With InputDaddy Download, you can easily perform keyboard and mouse tasks.

Without having to learn new scripts and tools, InputDaddy Download is a must-have for people who want to automate their work. It lets users create automated scripts with ease.

Features of InputDaddy Download

Windows automation application

As a windows automation application, InputDaddy sends commands or keyboard shortcuts to a specific window. It can also set a specific window as the active.

Uncompressing the archive

You can start using the program by uncompressing the archive. Once done, just open the program and its contents will be visible in the window.

Contains some script construction resources

The upper region of the app contains some script construction resources. You can also install script commands at the bottom of the screen.

Simple to use interface lets users create automated

Non-professionals who want to work on the job without having to learn new scripts and tools are also referred to as users of InputDaddy. Its simple-to-use interface lets users create automated scripts or existing ones.

Immediately start working for you

After decompressing the file, just launch the application and it will immediately start working for you. Even though it looks old-school, it still works well.

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