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Kutools for Excel Download is a powerful add-in that simplifies the tasks in Microsoft Excel. It features over 300 advanced features and is designed to work seamlessly across various platforms.

This Excel package simplifies your work by merging, removing, or replacing individual cells. It features a variety of add-ons that make your work easier.


If you are tired of creating multiple Excel worksheets and dealing with complex tasks, Kutools for Excel can help. It features over 120 advanced functions that will allow you to complete your work more easily.

Kutools for MS Excel has over 200 functions and tools. With it, you can merge cells without losing data.

Features of Kutools for Excel Download

Various PC platforms

Kutools for Excel is a free download that can be installed on various PC platforms. It comes with a 52MB installer.

 Most popular version

The most popular version of Kutools for Excel is 23.0, which is usually used by the program’s users. It is a tool that enables users to set up Excel documents and settings. It was created by ExtendOffice.

Users can easily combine

Excel users can easily combine multiple worksheets and merge cells without losing data. This application will allow users to save time and improve their working efficiency.

Various features

The various features of Kutools for Excel include: Syncing, Sorting, Rename, and Converting multiple worksheets. It also allows users to create a list of sheet names.

Keeps the available snapshot for a limited amount of time

With Kutools for Excel, users can take a snapshot of their current workbook and restore it to a later date. However, this utility only keeps the available snapshot for a limited amount of time.

Kutools for Excel Alternative For Windows

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  • NAPS
  • Calibre 
  • PDFill Editor 
  • Reading Acceleration Machine

Frequently Asked Question

Is Kutools for Excel free?

The Kutools for Excel tool is a one-time purchase that can be downloaded for free for 2 months. You do not need to provide any details to get started using the software.

Is Kutools for Excel any good?

Kutools is a utility that has a good reputation. However, it is not free. If you want to get it for free, then go for ASAP Utilities.

Does Kutools slow down Excel?

This tool is very easy to use and does not require any special skills to install. It works seamlessly on most major platforms such as Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8. It is also free to upgrade to support more advanced features.

How do I turn on Kutools in Excel?

In the File Tab, click the Option, and then click the Add-Ins category. The dialog box appears, and clicking the OK button will allow you to activate the add-ins.

How do you use the super filter in Kutools?

To filter a date range, select the range that you want to filter and then click the horizontal line next to the relationship AND, then select the column name that you want to filter.

What is Kutools word?

Kutools for Word is a suite of tools that simplifies the tasks commonly performed in Microsoft Word. It features a variety of one-click features that allow users to easily modify and rename documents, and copy and paste them to any location.


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