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PCI-Z Download is a utility that will help you identify which type of PCI device you have installed on your system. It will also display the details of the device’s operation and its working frequency.

This utility will help you identify the type of PCI system that’s installed on your motherboard. It will also show you the various details of that particular hardware type.


That is a web application that provides a simple UI and good features. It is the best system info software that you can get for free.

It is a freeware utility that will detect the presence of unknown hardware in a Windows PC. It will help you identify the exact hardware and operating system of the device.

Unfortunately, many system information programs try to list all of your system’s hardware. Sometimes, they fail to list the correct hardware type.

Features of PCI-Z Download

  • This utility will help identify the driver for a specific device and find the necessary data on it.
  • The PCI-Z Download program provides useful details on the modules of your system. It’s also important to check the hardware’s current state to ensure that it’s operating properly.
  • The utility uses the PCI ID Repository, which is a public repository of all known details about the devices and their vendor names. It does not require any programming or .NET platform to run smoothly.
  • Finding the right app for PCI-Z was not an easy task. This article will help you find the latest version of this utility for Windows 10.
  • This utility tries to avoid generating invalid device ID codes by querying the public database.

PCI-Z Alternative For Window

  • Double Driver 
  • BGInfo
  • Memory Cleaner
  • AnyStatus
  • LatencyMon
  • Argus Monitor 

Frequently Asked Question

What is PCI Z?

PCI-Z is a utility that helps you identify and find the correct drivers for your PC. It does so by providing detailed information about all known PCI hardware devices.

What is lspci in Linux?

lspci is a command that prints detailed information about the various peripherals and bus types in a Unix-like operating system. It uses the libpci library.

What is PCI device in a laptop?

Peripheral Component Interconnect is a type of computer bus that’s used to connect peripherals to a computer. The devices are typically connected to the bus’s master.

How install lspci in Linux?

For Debian and other distributions, use the following command to install lsscsi. For Unix, use the following command to install lsscsi.

How do I find the PCI interface in Linux?

The lspci command will display all the details about your server’s PCI bus, including its hardware devices and configurations.

Where is the PCI slot located on the laptop?

You will see the various types of PCI slots on your PC’s navigation pane. The “Slot Type” section of each entry is highlighted next to each entry.

What is the PCI address?

The PCI configuration space has six 32-bit base address registers. These registers store both the device’s size and data type information.


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