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Last Updated on July 18, 2022 by Marcella Stephens

RoboIntern Download is a tool that helps users automatically perform various tasks, such as sending emails and managing files. It’s a good alternative to doing them manually. RoboIntern Download is a new program that was published on Softonic on April 16, 2020. We hope that you will try it and rate it on our website.

While many of the features of Windows 7 are now available for advanced users, there is a missing piece that can help you get started with some of the most challenging tasks. This utility is designed to automatically perform repetitive tasks that people do on a regular basis. It features a clean and simple interface.


Through predefined or custom tasks, RoboIntern Download can help users get rid of repetitive tasks. Its UI features a clean and simple design that enables users to easily create and manage their tasks. It has the ability to create customized tasks or run as a service. This utility is also ideal for novice users as it doesn’t require any coding expertise.

RoboIntern Download is a task scheduling tool that lets users get rid of repetitive tasks without requiring any coding expertise. The program supports various tasks such as MS Excel, Word, Access, and PDF operations. It can also generate e-mails, perform database operations, and update records using ODBC.

Doing the same repetitive tasks over and over again will make people feel like they’re doing a machine. Fortunately, there’s a tool that can help you get rid of these tasks. The best part about this utility is that it doesn’t require coding or complex configurations to perform its tasks. Doing regular tasks will allow you to focus on more important tasks.

Features of RoboIntern Download

  • This app lets you create new tasks easily. Just select one of the predefined tasks from the list, and then press the plus button to get started. Aside from creating new tasks, it also supports other software such as Word, Excel, and email apps.
  • You can set up a task by clicking the plus button in the upper right corner. Once done, the program displays a new window that lets you select between a Task, Triggers, and Miscellaneous. It works seamlessly across various platforms such as Word, Excel, and Access.
  • RoboIntern is free software that’s designed to work seamlessly without any hidden fees or restrictions. Its components are also distributed in a ZIP archive, which means that you only need to extract them to launch the app.
  • You can also run Python, R scripts, and VB scripts while your computer is still running. This app saves you a lot of time, as it eliminates repetitive tasks that usually take a lot of time to complete.
  • This app can perform various tasks such as creating a new Excel workbook, copying and renaming files, extracting data from a database, merging a PDF document and reinstalling processes.

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