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Last Updated on July 18, 2022 by Marcella Stephens

ShareMouse Download is a small and easy-to-use application that enables you to share your mouse and keyboard with multiple computers. It’s very useful if you’re frequently traveling or working remotely.

Being able to work seamlessly with multiple monitors and computers is very important when you have multiple setups. With ShareMouse, you can easily collaborate with all of them without having to rely on the default Windows features.

ShareMouse Download allows you to control multiple computers with one mouse and keyboard.


ShareMouse Download Keyboard and Mouse let you control all of the computers on the network with one mouse and keyboard. It also allows you to share files with other users. Its free tool works fine, though it requires some practice.

The program works seamlessly by allowing the user to select the appropriate mouse position for all the computers. It also automatically jumps to another screen once the cursor reaches the edge of one.

Features of ShareMouse Download

Network and set up a connection

The first thing to know is that the application is only required to be installed on the host PC. It will automatically detect other PCs that are connected to the same network and set up the connection.

Multiple monitors and computers without constantly switching

ShareMouse Download is a small and lightweight application that will allow you to work with multiple monitors and computers without constantly switching between the various inputs and outputs.

Windows Firewall and various other security software

We tested it on two networked Windows PCs and it worked seamlessly. The installer can also configure various features, such as Windows Firewall and various other security software.

Under Data Exchange

Under Data Exchange, we could also enable the ability to drag and drop data to a clipboard, and to sync data between clipboards.

Standard mouse and keyboard

ShareMouse lets you easily move files between multiple PCs. It saves time and helps you work more effectively. It’s also more flexible than a standard mouse and keyboard.

ShareMouse Alternative For Windows

  • NirCmd 
  • FurMark 
  • Super Grate 
  • Multi Task Tool 
  • BOB’s File Splitter 
  • Secret Disk

Frequently Asked Question

Do you have to pay for ShareMouse?

ShareMouse is free for personal use. The primary drawback of the free, unregistered version is that you can only use it with two PCs. Jul 6, 2021

How do I set up ShareMouse on my Mac?

Double-click the Mac installation file to open it. Then, drag the ShareMouse icon to the application folder.

Is ShareMouse good Reddit?

Sharemouse works seamlessly, but its standard license prevents you from using more than one monitor.

Is ShareMouse secure?

Our software has a “keyboard hook” component that is used to detect and transmit keystrokes. If you enable other security programs, this component will no longer work.

How do I add a client to ShareMouse?

Enter the network address of the chosen client. The Plus symbol will appear next to the client’s name.


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