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Shutdown Timer Download is a utility that will allow you to tell your computer to shut down and control other tasks related to power management.

The Wise Auto Shutdown utility allows users to automatically shut off their PC, restart it, or sleep it off whenever they want. It saves them time and helps them avoid frequent power outages.

Ever wished that an application could automatically shut down your PC at a certain time? This is now a reality with the release of Shutdown Timer Download Classic, a small app that can execute a variety of shutdown actions.


Daxter’s Shutdown Timer Download is a utility that lets users schedule and manage their System’s shutdown. It works seamlessly through the Windows System Tray.

Timed Shutdown is a Windows utility that automatically shuts down your PC at a certain time.

The easiest-to-use feature of Turn Off Timer is that it allows users to set a specific time when their PC will automatically turn off. This feature can help lower system energy consumption and battery life.

Features of Shutdown Timer

  • The interface has only a few buttons that you can use to control the time when your computer will perform a task. This is very useful if you want to have a simple timer.
  • With Wise Auto Shutdown, it will automatically set the time when a task will be executed and set a specific date and time when it will be executed. You can also set alarms so that you will be notified when the task is done.
  • Upon opening the app, you are greeted with a small organized panel. There, you can set a time limit and perform a specific action. It also has the option to run a countdown clock once the PC has finished its task.
  • This program has been used by me for a couple of years. When I am not using my computer, I usually want to shut it down immediately. This saves me from having to wait for my work to finish and then restart my system.
  • The app can also customize the time when the system will automatically shut down. They can also set the exact time when they will start the computer again or decide to completely shut it down. This feature can work seamlessly with most Windows operating systems.

Shutdown Timer Alternative For Windows

  • Launchy
  • Famulus 
  • WinSleep 
  • Canon Quick Menu 
  • BlackTop 
  • Executor

Frequently Asked Question

What does Shutdown Timer Download do?

Shutdown Timer Download Classic is a simple Windows app that will allow you to set a timer that will automatically shut off or hibernate your PC.

What are the shutdown commands?

To shut down, use shutdown /s. To restart, type shutdown /r. Type shutdown /l to log off.

How do I shutdown someone else’s computer using CMD?

To turn off the target computer, write “/s” after the computer’s name. After the computer name, type “/r” to restart it.

What is shutdown M?

This command option can stop a pending shutdown or restart a remote computer.

What is shutdown H?

shutdown -h now sends signals to all programs that run. It does not ask the user to save any files.

How do I create a shutdown shortcut?

To create a Shutdown shortcut, right-click the desktop and select New. Then, enter the Shortcut name and type -s for shut down.

How do you use shutdown M?

After entering your username and password, the remote computer will automatically shut down and restart depending on the settings that you select.


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