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Skitch Download is a free image editor that lets users take and edit screenshots of their desktop. It works seamlessly across various devices and is especially useful for designers and programmers.

It is a screen capture utility that works seamlessly with most non-technical users. It s great for making screenshots and editing them at the same time. It combines the features of an image capture program with an editor.


This is a free app that helps users communicate visually with their co-workers, friends, and the world. Use it to annotate images, mark up maps, and more.

Skitch download is a free app that helps users communicate visually with their friends and co-workers. It lets users sketch, mark up maps, and more.

Skitch windows by Evernote aims to help users quickly edit and share their images. The app is a great screen capture utility that can also integrate with Evernote. Unfortunately, this app does t allow users to take screenshots.

Features of Skitch Download

 Screen to mark a capture area

There are many programs that allow you to take screenshots of the desktop, but Skits is different from them all. Instead of just drawing a box on the screen to mark a capture area, it uses its own dashboard to organize all the data that it captures. Captured images can be edited with various tools, such as text entry, painting, and printing.

Automatically remove certain elements

These tools include various types of markers, text editors, and object tools. Some of the tools also have “blacklist” features, which can automatically remove certain elements from screenshots.it is a great app for anyone who wants to get their point across faster. It has been featured in the App Store as one of the most downloaded apps.

Draw and add text to the picture

Skitch is a basic photo editor that lets you import and edit photos from Facebook. It also allows you to draw and add text to the picture. The built-in editor can select the objects that are necessary to create text labels, stickers, and arrows. It also allows the user to add watermarks and other special effects.

Create annotations and take screenshots

Screenshot Easy also has a variety of features that allow users to create annotations and take screenshots with various options such as text, arrow circles, and emoji stickers. This app is a good alternative to Skitch for taking screenshots.

Understand the context of the picture

The app’s library of shapes and arrows helps viewers identify the essence of the object they’re highlighting. It also includes text boxes that help viewers understand the context of the picture.

Skitch Alternative For Windows

  •  EAGLE
  •  Mylio
  •  Image Enlarger
  •  VueScan
  •  Mari
  •  Sweet Home
  •  Intaglio
  •  LightWave

Frequently Asked Question

Is Skitch still available?

According to Evernote, it will no longer be supporting Skitch for Windows and other major platforms on January 22.

Is Skitch available for Windows?

Although Skitch is not available on Windows, there are plenty of alternatives. The best one is ShareX.

What app is like Skitch?

Screenshot Easy is an Android app that simplifies the process of taking screenshots. It features a variety of features that make it easier to use.

What is Skitch Evernote?

Skitch is a mobile app that enables users to collaborate and communicate with their friends and co-workers. It’s also capable of marking up and printing images.

What is Skitch used for?

Skitch is a free app that lets users capture and share screenshots with their friends. It also includes tools that allow users to modify text, shapes, and arrows.

What is Skitch?

Skitch is a multi-purpose app that’s bound to stand out from the crowd. Its ability to draw mustaches on photos and post them across social media is a plus.

Is Skitch for Mac free?

Skitch for Mac is a good alternative for people who take and share screenshots regularly. It’s also capable of editing them effectively.

How do you resize on Skitch?

To resize images in Skitch, first select the app’s resize icon and enter a pixel dimension.


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