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Sourcetree Download is an open-source project that gives you complete control over your Git repository. Its simple GUI makes it possible to easily manage and visualize your repository.

SourceTree for Mac is an easy-to-use tool that lets you easily work with Git and Mercurial through one application. It works seamlessly with all major platforms.

SourceTree is a virtual repository that lets you browse and interact with your repository.


SourceTree is a free repository manager that lets users browse, make commits, and otherwise perform standard Git functions through a graphical interface. It works well for all of Git’s features, though it has limitations when it comes to handling certain tasks.

You can connect your repository to other websites such as GitHub, BitBucket, and Stash, and it will allow you to create and publish new projects.

Features of SourceTree Download

Distributed version control system

SourceTree is a distributed version control system that works seamlessly with both GitHub and Bitbucket. It can also be used with Subversion servers.

Code repository

This application allows you to see the code repository in its entirety. It does so by allowing you to get all the details about the repository in a simple and quick way. This app is compatible with Git and Mercurial.

Repository’s content

Use the SourceTree desktop app to manage all of your repository’s content, including but not limited to Git and Mercurial.

A powerful tool that can serve

SourceTree is a powerful tool that can serve as a client for Mercurial and Git projects. It features an elegant interface and a modern-looking UI.

Currently building new features and improvements

SourceTree is a free Mac app that works seamlessly with both Mercurial and Git. We received a lot of interest in the app and are currently building new features and improvements.

SourceTree Alternative For Windows

  • Gedit
  • DrJava
  • Appium
  • OllyDbg
  • Rejbrand Text Editor
  • Qbasic

Frequently Asked Question

What is Windows Sourcetree?

Sourcetree is an efficient way to manage your Git repository. It simplifies the work of developers by giving them complete control over their Git environment

What is the difference between Sourcetree and Git?

GitHub desktop brings the native Git workflow to a visual application

Is atlassian a Sourcetree?

Sourcetree is a powerful Git desktop client that simplifies your work with code and enables you to manage your repositories more effectively

What is mercurial for SourceTree?

SourceTree is a free Git GUI client for macOS and Windows. It is typically classified as a “version control system” app

What is GitHub SourceTree?

SourceTree is a free Git desktop app that lets you manage all your repository’s content, including but not limited to GitHub. It’s also grouped under the “source code management” category.


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