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SpaceSniffer Download is a tool that lets you identify which files and folders in your system are taking up the most space. It also allows you to see how much space they have.

SpaceSniffer is a portable tool that lets you easily identify the various types of files and folders on your disks. It uses the Treemap concept to show you the locations of these objects.


SpaceSniffer is a utility that displays the contents of your hard drives in a graphical manner. It does a good job of showing us exactly how much space our computers are consuming.

SpaceSniffer is a freeware utility that shows the current disk usage in Windows. It does so by analyzing the Treemap concept.

With this tool, you can easily identify the locations of all the files and folders on your PC. It also calculates the space consumption of the various large files and folders.

Features of SpaceSniffer Download

  • SpaceSniffer is a Windows program that scans the hard drive and displays a graphical representation of the space occupied by all files and folders in the PC. It does so by analyzing each partition and displaying a square pattern.
  • Scan the whole world to see all the details of your disk. It will show you all the elements that are important to you.
  • SpaceSniffer Download is a utility that will find all your free disk space has gone. It features a smart scanning engine that will detect all your old and forgotten files, and it will also notify you when new ones are available. It can also detect non-standard formats of data streams.
  • When you have multiple files on your hard drive, it can be hard to determine how much space is left over.
  • You can also see how much space is being used by each folder on your hard drive with Animated Images.

SpaceSniffer Alternative For Windows

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  • SymMover
  • Intel SSD Toolbox
  • SpaceObServer
  • HDDScan
  • Hard Disk Sentinel

Frequently Asked Question

Is SpaceSniffer free?

SpaceSniffer is a simple and effective tool to install various apps on Windows. It can be easily copied without requiring an installation process.

Is SpaceSniffer safe to use?

SpaceSniffer is a tool that lets system administrators visualize the disk usage of their network drives. It can also identify and find unusual files and space allocations.

Does SpaceSniffer work on Mac?

Although SpaceSniffer is not available on macOS, there are plenty of alternatives. One of these is ncdu, which is a free and open-source app.

How do I run SpaceSniffer as an administrator?

Space Sniffer will look for any folder or drive in the windows folder and will ask which one to scan.

How do I delete files from SpaceSniffer?

You can now easily remove a folder from SpaceSniffer by clicking on the picture and choosing “Delete”. The map will then automatically update to fill the void left by the folder.


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