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Speakonia Download is a freeware utility that lets you read text out loud. It has about 20 voices, and it can also alter the speed and pitch of the reading. Unfortunately, it can’t save audio in MP3 format.

This is a text-to-speech program that enables users to read aloud any given text. It does so through a graphical user interface. It can also fetch web pages and read them for you.


It is a simple text-to-speech utility that works seamlessly with most modern computers. Just input text, and it sends it to a speech engine. After clicking the Play icon, your computer will start reading it.

The interface is similar to that of Notepad. It lets users read aloud any text with just one mouse click.

With its simple and user-friendly interface, Speakonia is a great tool for anyone who wants to read text aloud. It can also insert and edit text that’s intended to be read aloud.

Features of Speakonia Download

Good choice

With its simple interface, Speakonia is a good choice for people with vision impairment or people who prefer to read the text in their ears instead of their eyes. However, it lacks features that allow people to skip sections or entire sentences.

Improve its speech quality

With Speakonia, you can get rid of many of the drawbacks of using an AI chatbot. It has a variety of advanced features that allow it to improve its speech quality and make it more realistic.

Various tools

Once you install it, it has a simple interface to start using. Its main window shows a box where you can put in the text. There are also various tools that help transform text-to-speech.

Relatively easy

The installation process is relatively easy, as it only takes 5 seconds. You can install it on your desktop or mobile device.

Simple and user-friendly interface

Aside from having a simple and user-friendly interface, Speakonia also comes with a variety of features that allow you to read the text in different voices. You can also customize the volume and pitch of the voice to your taste.

Volume and speed

Aside from text, the app can also play audio files and hear different voices simultaneously. It can also customize the volume and speed of the reading sessions.

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Frequently Asked Question

Is Speakonia free?

Speakonia is a little freeware application that reads text aloud.

How do I get more voices for Speakonia?

By default, Speakonia includes at least 11 voices. You can increase this number by installing a separate package called simply: Microsoft voices.

Is CNET safe?

According to CNET, the software is free of spyware. However, there have been reports of spyware being found on the site.

Who founded CNET?

CNET is a media website that provides reviews, articles, and blogs about technology and consumer electronics. It was acquired by CBS Interactive in 2008.

What TTS do YouTubers use?

Speechelo is a tool that converts text into speech in 3 clicks. It’s suitable for both YouTubers and commercial users.

Does Windows 10 have speech to text?

Instead of typing text, you can now dictate it using the dictation feature. To do so, hold down the Windows key on your keyboard and its box will appear.


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