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Split Byte Download is a utility that can split and join files. It can also create various smaller files for storage. If you have a large file, it can be split into various smaller files to send to a friend. The installer comes with a variety of third-party apps that are marked as default. However, if you do not finish the wizard steps, you may decline all offers to install a clean version.

It can also perform various advanced functions, such as searching for the missing MD5 check and comparing them through a variety of filters. We evaluated over 3 million pieces of software and selected the best one for you. It’s called File Management and it’s a utility that will help you organize and manage all your files.


It can split large files into various smaller parts, or it can join them into a specific number of equal size parts. It can also encrypt and protect the parts that it splits. The latest version of Split Byte is 2.6, and it’s free to download. The installer for this program is located at: SplitByte.exe. The last version that was downloaded was 2.3.

Sometimes, transferring a large file can be very time-consuming. Instead of sending an email attachment, try splitting the file into several smaller sections and sending it as an attachment.

Split Byte is a utility that can easily split large files into smaller segments so that it can be used later on. It’s a great tool for handling large files that are too large to email or save to CD or DVD. Split Byte is a utility that will help you merge and split large files. It can also find the missing MD5 checksum, perform various other advanced tasks, and much more.

Features of Split Byte Download

 Simple and effective

A simple and effective way to install Split Byte is through a wizard. This utility will help you select which type of software you want to install, and it will also ask if you want to integrate it into the desktop context menu. You can split a file into many parts, or by size, size, or encryption key. It can also set the output file name pattern, compress the file, or even turn off the computer while it’s working.

Encryption and batch converting

The primary purpose of this app is to allow you to combine and break data. It does so by identifying the output folder and starting to split the files into various smaller pieces. Aside from this, it also supports encryption and batch converting. The user can easily send the split parts after it has been done, and it can also shut down the computer after completing the operation. It can also check the checksum of the files.

Supports various features

Split Byte is a utility that can easily split large files into smaller sections. It can also send to them via email once the limit of their upload size has been reached. The core of the program is pretty simple: Split Byte will divide the file on your behalf. It does this by choosing the number of chunks you need, and clicking Split. Aside from this, it also supports various features that allow you to do various things with the file.

Step in using this utility

The first step in using this utility is to create an output folder, and it will then start splitting the files into several smaller sections. You can also specify the size, type, and encryption key. Other tools are also available to split files. You can also choose to keep the source files as backup.

Split Byte Alternative For Windows

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  • MediaPurge 
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  • FileToFolder


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