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Last Updated on March 25, 2022 by Marcella Stephens

StarStaX Download is a photo editing software that works seamlessly with stacked images. It features a variety of tools that allow users to create stunning effects from their photos.

Blending multiple photos can create stunning effects. For instance, combining two photos can create an image that looks like a star trail.


It’s available for various platforms, such as Windows and Mac OS X. To start using it on a Windows-powered PC, you need to download an archive and extract its contents.

This is an excellent tool that enables users to combine two photos. It also provides various blending capabilities.

Features of StarStaX Download

  • The tool works seamlessly with various file formats such as JPG, PNG, BMP, and TIFF. It also allows you to preview the images, and it automatically removes the dark frames from your photos.
  • This app is very quick to process, and it produces stunning results. If you’re new to photography, this app is for you.
  • StarStaX Download can open various types of photos and dark frames. It has various blending options such as: add, subtract, multiply, and more. If you’re looking for a star trail photo, just select the gap-filling option and then set the amount and threshold.
  • Aside from being able to handle various features, StarStaX is also fully portable. You can easily install it from your system by launching the app from a USB drive.
  • StarStaX is available for various platforms, such as Windows and Mac OS X. It does not require installation on a Windows PC. The app comes with a built-in help file, which can be accessed online.

StarStaX Alternative For Windows

  • NifSkope
  • Skanect
  • Moo0 ScreenShot
  • Paint.NET
  • XnView
  • Pencil2D Animation

Frequently Asked Question

How do I download StarStaX?

To install StarStaX, open the zip archive containing the app’s name and double-click it. The program will then create a link to the StarStaX.exe file, which can be found in the program’s menu.

What is Comet mode in StarStaX?

The app can also simulate the look of comet trails with its Comet Mode. It features a fading effect that mimics the movement of the trail.

How do you do star trails on Starstax?

To load multiple files, double-click the file that’s loaded. It will then select all the layers that it needs.

How do you stack pictures on Starstax?

If you have a tripod, double-click the two objects that are loaded to avoid accidentally clicking on them.


StarStaX Download for Windows is developed and updated by Markus Enzweiler. All registered trademarks, company names, product names, and logos are the property of their respective owners.

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